Drug Choices for Pain-Free Childbirth

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Labor differs from one woman to the other but one thing is common in all childbirths – pain. However, there is nothing to worry about the pain because you have numerous options to relieve the pain during childbirth. You will find that each option works differently but all have been proven to be effective. However, they may have some advantages and disadvantages. The best thing to do would be to be aware of these pain relief options beforehand so that you weigh the cons and choose the best. Discuss with your doctor and he will give you the right advice. Making an informed decision is crucial here. Read on for some of the pain relief options available. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here


If you go for narcotics, your doctor will inject the medication intravenously or through your vein. He may also choose to inject it through a muscle. Know that these will only reduce your pain. They won’t make you lose your painful feeling altogether.


Sedatives will help you relax and they will be given to you when the labor begins so that you calm down. Sedatives will not relieve you of your pain. Instead, because they have a calming effect, you will go through labor with a positive mindset and that can help you endure the pain better. Your doctor may also decide to use sedatives along with other medications depending on your situation.Drug-Choices- for-Pain-Free-Childbirth


Epidural is probably the most common pain relief option during childbirth. The doctor will use a needle to insert a small tube into your lower back to reach the spinal canal. This tube will stay in the canal throughout the childbirth. However, there is no need for additional medicines. Some women feel some pressure during contractions but almost all the pain will be reduced by epidural and childbirth will be easier for you.Drug-Choices- for-Pain-Free-Childbirth

Spinal block

This functions just like the epidural. A spinal block is also given in the lower back just like the epidural. Your entire lower body will become numb after this medication is injected. The working is immediate. The dosage required is less than that of an epidural.

Pudendal block

This medication is not for the lower back. It is for the vagina and it will be injected right before the delivery. It reduces pain around the vagina as well as the rectum so that childbirth is easier. This medication is usually given during an episiotomy or the cutting process.The collection, entitled " Welcome to the World " shows the tiny babies in a variety of poses including resting their heads on their hands.

General anesthesia

If the delivery is complicated or if it is a cesarean delivery, general anesthesia will be given. It will not be given for normal vaginal births at all. When general anesthesia is given, you will become unconscious. Thus, you will not feel any pain throughout the birthing process.

Other options

There are other options to choose from, too. These are options besides medicines. You could prepare yourself for birth by choosing Bradley classes and Lamaze classes. During these classes, you will learn about labor and birth, and how to endure the pain. You will be helped with meditation and breathing exercises. Hypnosis is another option.

Learn about all these and find out the best for you based on your needs and your coping strength.ConceiveEasy TTC Kit + 20 FREE Pregnancy Tests

Monica Scott, BS, RN
Monica Scott, BS, RN | ConceiveEasy
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