Is Drinking Coffee During Pregnancy Safe?

Is Drinking Coffee During Pregnancy Safe?

Many, if not most of us, have a coffee addiction. It is completely normal to need that morning cup of joe to get us up and going in the morning, or maybe as a little pick me up throughout the day. But what if you’re pregnant? Can you still have that cup of coffee? Will it hurt your baby? And if you are supposed to give it up, how in the world could you get through your day? Read on to find out what you need to know about coffee during pregnancy! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Coffee Is Okay!

For the longest time, doctors and experts alike have gone back and forth on the coffee during pregnancy debate. However, most doctors and experts agree that moderate caffeine intake (less than 200 mg per day), is fine and doesn’t harm your baby at all. 200 mg is equal to around a 12 ounce cup of coffee, so that has been welcome news for moms who still need their caffeine intake!

For the record, two cups of black or green tea have around 200 mg of caffeine, most 12 ounce sodas have less than 50 mg of caffeine, and a small chocolate bar only has around 35 milligrams per bar, so women have felt so much better knowing that they could have a little bit of caffeine during pregnancy.

Or Is It?

However, recent studies have not been so reassuring when it comes to pregnant women and coffee. A recent study done by the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study shows that even very small amounts of caffeine can affect a woman’s unborn baby. The study was not a small study, it was a ten year project done with more than 59,000 pregnant women, and the results are pretty depressing for pregnant women who like their coffee.

The study found that caffeine can reduce birth weight in babies, and that caffeine can even extend the length of a woman’s pregnancy by up to eight hours! Another alarming finding? Caffeine can cross the placenta and increase an unborn baby’s level of stress hormones. So, coffee can literally stress out your baby? What in the world are we supposed to believe?

Mixed Signals

Apparently, there is no shortage of mixed signals when it comes to pregnancy and caffeine. Some doctors say go for it, some doctors say drink caffeine in moderation, and still others say no caffeine at all. Even the authors of the Norwegian study say that the effects of caffeine aren’t that noticeable and that women who have consumed caffeine while pregnant should not panic.

So, really, who knows what to believe? It looks like this is still a very controversial and unknown territory, and that there is still much research to be done on the subject. For now, the best advice is to talk with your doctor to determine whether or not you should consume coffee during your pregnancy, and just how much is okay.

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