Drastic Makeover for Dirty Money Singer Dawn Richard

Dirty Money Singer Dawn Richard Undergoes Drastic Makeover

Under The Knife?

Dirty Money singer Dawn Richard has had everyone talking these past few weeks, after posting photos of herself online that show her looking like a completely different person! Dawn’s new photos show her with MUCH lighter skin, and dramatic changes to both her nose and chin. Followers of the singer began to question her new look, and wanted to know if she had been under the knife. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

What She Said

The former Dainty Kane singer took to Instagram, where the pictures were posted, to defend herself. Here’s what she wrote:

“Dear all commentators, when or if I get a nose job, I shall let you know. a Bish is never scared to let yo know. Til then enjoy the pic or don’t. Like the makeup or don’t kiss my a$$ or don’t either way is fine.”

Believe It?

We are not too sure if we believe that Dawn hasn’t had any work done. Seriously, looking at the “before and after” photos side by side, she seriously and honestly looks like a completely different person! Dawn says that her new look in the pictures is all from makeup and/or Instagram filters, but I have personally never seen anyone be able to Photoshop or Instagram a nose to look that different! Either way, she looks great, so we don’t really understand her aversion to admitting that she had work done, especially when she looks so dramatically different now. Dawn Richard has been extremely defensive over the accusations that she has had work done, but, she really does look like it!

She Says No

No matter what the rest of us think, Dawn Richards says that no way, she did not have any work done, and she didn’t have any plastic surgery. Her promo team also denies that Dawn has made any changes in her appearance, but um, hey, we can SEE them! So, I am not sure what that is all about. Maybe she just wanted to spark some rumors to get people talking, and talking they are!

She also did a radio interview just last week, where she talked about her “girlfriend”, so now she has people talking not only about her appearance but also about her sexual orientation as well! We’re not sure what is up with Dawn denying her obvious change in appearance, but at least we are all talking about her, and you know what they say: Any publicity is GOOD publicity!

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