Drake on Vacation with Girlfriend in Dominican Republic

Drake on Vacation with Girlfriend in Dominican Republic

New Couple Alert?

Looks like Drake has a new love interest, and this time the new girl is no stranger! Who is she? None other than Love and Hip Hop star Tahiry Jose! Tahiry and Drake were spotted swimming with the dolphins in the Dominican Republic a few weeks ago, and later the same night, were spotted hugging at a Dominican club. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

While there was no obvious PDA being thrown around by these two, word has it that they are hip-hop’s newest “it couple”. Of course, the two deny that they are anything but friends, but they did look pretty cozy together.

Who Is She?

Tahiry rose to fame as rapper Joe Budden’s girlfriend, and she has also been linked romantically to rapper Fabolous. She was born in Harlem but her parents are from the Dominican Republic. She has made a name for herself as an urban model and was the cover model for KING magazine, creating the best selling issue of the magazine ever. She is now pursuing an acting career and starring on VH1’s reality series “Love and Hip Hop”.

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors

As always in the worlds of hip hop and reality TV, the rumor mill has been going full blast, and the newest rumor is that Tahiry is actually MARRIED. Gossip Daily is reporting that Tahiry is actually married to a man named Nicholas J Brown, and that the marriage is strictly for Tahiry’s financial benefit. Apparently the rumor is that Tahiry receives a monthly stipend or “allowance” each month that she stays married to Mr. Brown. Word on the street is that not only is this a big secret from all of us, but it is also supposed to be a big secret from Love and Hip Hop creator, Mona Scott-Young.

Even Worse?

The rumor mill also has been throwing out rumors, believe it or not, of things even worse than Tahiry’s “gold digger marriage”. The reality TV world is buzzing with rumors that Tahiry has herpes, has been knowingly spreading it around to celebs including Drake and Trey Songz.

She is also allegedly in talks to be doing a documentary where she talks candidly about her condition. Is this true? Or just an attempt by another hater to sabotage Tahiry? (The most recent rumors are pointing towards another Love and Hip Hop star being behind these herpes, rumors, and her name rhymes with Raqi.) Our guess is that only time will tell. For now, we have learned not to believe everything you hear, especially in this industry!

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