Douching May Increase Infertility

Douching May Increase Infertility

Is Douching Safe?

Many women choose to douche as a way to clean and irrigate their vaginal area using various solutions and water. Most women who douche think of it as a way to keep this area clean and free from infection and irritation. Many women think that it is a great practice that ensures that they are clean and they do it because they think they are taking care of their bodies.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Douches are marketed to women as over the counter feminine hygiene products that are made to entice women to use them, promising them to keep their bodies fresh, clean and free from infection. However, this is not true. In fact, douching can cause more harm than good.

What Douching Hurts

When a woman uses a douche, it is actually increasing her chance of getting a bacterial infection, a yeast infection, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, and even cervical cancer. Why is this?

It’s because when you use a douche, the solutions and chemicals wash away your vagina’s natural flora. This “flora” is “good” bacteria that helps your body fight off diseases and infections. When you wash it all away, your body is at risk for these infections, since there is no flora left to keep it protected. Women who are unknowingly infected with a pelvic infection, yeast infection, or STD can pass that issue up through the vaginal canal and into the rest of the body.

What To Do

The fact of the matter is that women who douche are at a greater risk for endometriosis and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. These issues are known to cause infertility. Also, since using a douche alters the natural environment of the vagina, it makes the cervix more susceptible to toxins which can cause cervical cancer.

Of course, we all know that cervical cancer can also lead to infertility. It is very clear that vaginal douching does more harm than good and should be avoided. However, many women still believe that douching is a good practice, even though it is not.

Educate Yourself

Instead of using a douche, women should take a probiotic, eat a healthy and well balanced diet, avoid washing the vaginal area with harsh soaps and chemicals, get regular pap smears, and choose natural feminine care products when necessary. We really need to do more to educate these women who still douche and help them to realize that douching is not only counter-productive, but it is also dangerous.

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