Does Orgasm Help Chances of Getting Pregnant?

Does Having an Orgasm Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant?

Does Orgasm Help?

We all know that men have to have an orgasm in order for a pregnancy to occur (duh!), but that leads us to another interesting question. What about women? Aside from sex positions, does a woman having an orgasm during sex help her to get pregnant? Of course, it is possible for a woman to get pregnant without an orgasm, but if she does have one, are her pregnancy chances any greater? Could it make her pregnancy chances worse? Why are women even able to have orgasms if they don’t serve a purpose in reproduction, like men’s orgasms do? So many questions! Let’s see what we can find out! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Upsuck Theory?

Of course, we know that a female orgasm is not needed in order to get pregnant. Many women are unable to reach an orgasm and they are still able to become pregnant. However, males must reach an orgasm for ejaculation to occur and the sperm to be released. In fact, in the early 1900s, orgasm was prescribed for infertility, in hopes that it would help the sperm to be “sucked up” into the uterus from the cervix. There was even an experiment done in a lab, where fake semen was mixed with dye and placed in a cervical cap inside a woman. That woman had an orgasm, there in the lab, and then an xray was done to see if the “fake semen” was “sucked up” into the uterus. However, it was not, and the “upsuck” theory was debunked.

Tired Theory?

Other scientists used to think that orgasms made women feel tired after sex, so that they would lie down, and give the sperm a better chance to reach the cervix. While none of these theories have been proven by today’s scientific standards, they certainly are interesting, and something to think about!

Do We Need An Orgasm?

Of course, orgasms are nice and make sex more pleasurable, but when it comes to making babies, isn’t it sort of a good thing that they aren’t required for pregnancy? It seems like requiring an orgasm to get pregnant would just add one more thing to the list of things women need to worry about when trying to conceive: ovulation dates, having sex on the right day, basal body temperature, best sex position for conceiving, prenatal vitamins, eating a “fertility diet”, the list goes on and on. While orgasms are great and we all enjoy them, it is nice that the pressure is off when it comes to trying to conceive and we don’t have to “plan” for that as well! Even though female orgasm might not serve a “purpose” when it comes to conceiving, that is no reason not to enjoy them if they happen to come along!

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