Will My Body Temperature Go Down if I am Pregnant?

Will My Body Temperature Go Down if I am Pregnant?

Before getting pregnant, you should learn about the temperature variations during your cycle. In the first two weeks, your temperature will be around 97 to 97.5 degrees. However, your body temperature will go up when you start ovulating. The rise will be by about 0.4 to 0.6 degrees. It is a good idea to chart your basal temperature so that you are aware of your body temperature changes and also so that you know when you are ovulating. After ovulation, the body temperature will go down. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Know your basal body temperature

In the event of pregnancy, the temperature will remain high and will stay as such throughout your pregnancy. This is because of the increase in the progesterone levels in the body. Hence, you should not look forward to a drop in your body temperature at any point during your pregnancy.

In order to find out your temperature, you will need to know your basal body temperature. Basal body temperature refers to your resting temperature. In other words, it is the temperature of your body when you are at rest. Thus, the ideal time to check your basal body temperature would be after resting for four complete hours at least. The best time to check your basal body temperature is obviously when you wake up.

Make sure that it is the first thing you do every morning even before you move away from your bed. Don’t wait until after brushing your teeth and sipping some coffee. You should check your basal body temperature right after you wake up if you want accurate readings. If you move around too much after you wake up and then check your basal body temperature, you will get false results.

Other symptoms of pregnancy

If you see that your temperature has dropped after ovulation, you can be sure that you are not pregnant. But remember that this holds true only if you check your basal body temperature accurately. If you get careless and do not check it properly, you may see a fall in the temperature even if you are pregnant.

The best way to find out is to associate other symptoms of pregnancy such as breast tenderness, fatigue, nausea, more urinations, problems in falling asleep, and the classic sign: missing your period. If you experience all these and you still see a drop in your temperature after ovulation, know that you did something wrong.

Buy a good basal body thermometer

Make sure you buy a good and sensitive basal body temperature thermometer in order to get accurate results. You can choose from glass and digital thermometers but the best choice is digital thermometers because they are more efficient.

They are also reliable and very quick with the results. Also, digital thermometers will give you the difference of even 0.1 degrees. Glass thermometers are not so accurate. Checking your basal thermometer is not rocket science. It is very easy and you can carry it out without hassle. A 0.4-degree change confirms that you are pregnant.

As aforementioned, if you had intercourse when you were most fertile and the temperature only dropped, you may have done the testing wrong and you can confirm by taking a home pregnancy test. Otherwise, it is the simple matter that you failed to conceive and you should try again during your next most fertile time.

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