Does Heavy Exercise Affect Implantation?

Does Heavy Exercise Affect Implantation?

We all know by now how important exercise and staying fit can be. Being overweight or obese can cause problems with you chances of getting pregnant, not to mention countless other health and lifestyle problems too. But, can too much exercise be a problem too? Today we are going to explore the myth that heavy exercise can affect implantation. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Moderate exercise OK

The truth is, for most women, who exercise moderately, say a few days a week, for around thirty minutes each time, there should be no worry about their exercise affecting implantation. This is just simply not enough to cause a problem with implantation. As long as exercise is done in moderation, it should be just fine. The regular, day to day exercise that most of us take part in should not in any way hurt or harm implantation, or any other part of conception and pregnancy, for that matter.

Extreme exercise affects fertility

The only time that there is any real problem with exercise causing fertility issues is when a woman is extremely active, and exercise leans towards the extreme end of the scale. Over exercising can rarely result in fertility issues, but these are usually ovulation issues rather than implantation issues.

Women who exercise too much often have irregular or no periods, and sometimes have a problem ovulating. It is very rare for over exercising to cause implantation problems. This also does not usually apply to overweight or obese women. For these women, in fact, strenuous exercise can actually be beneficial to getting pregnant!

Sometimes doctors advise women who are undergoing IVF or other fertility treatments to refrain from vigorous exercise during the implantation stage, but that is not necessarily because it will hurt implantation. This is more so to reduce all around stress on the body and avoid anything that could even potentially be a factor, since IVF and other fertility treatments are such a trying time on the body as it is.

The bottom line

The bottom line is, staying active is important, through all stages of trying to conceive, pregnancy and beyond. If you stay away from extreme fitness routines and stick with moderate to low impact workouts, everything should be just fine! Some great low impact or moderate workout routines include walking, swimming, yoga, pilates, and exercises of that sort.

It is really important that you stay healthy and don’t cut out exercise all together. However, if you are currently doing high impact or strenuous workouts, don’t feel bad to cut it down a notch while you are trying to conceive if that makes you feel better!

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