Does Age Affect Male Fertility?

Does Age Affect Male Fertility?

It is common knowledge that age affects female fertility in a big way. From the time we are able to conceive, our fertility levels are constantly decreasing. Our number of remaining eggs is going down each and every month, and there is nothing that we can do to stop it. We only have a certain number of years that we can have a baby without any complications or risks. However, is that the case with male fertility as well? Does male fertility decrease with age, or are guys still as fertile when they get older? Today we are going to explore that question and find out more on this topic. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Best at age 30-35

Male fertility as related to age is not something commonly talked about, and it is not something we usually hear much about, but it is an important topic. There have been a few studies on this subject, and most of them found that sperm quantity is the greatest between the ages of 30 and 35.

Worst at age 55

On the other side of the spectrum, sperm quantity was the lowest after age 55, which could be expected. The studies also found that sperm swim best at around age 25, and worst after age 55. Once a man hits 55 years of age, his sperm motility decreases by around an average of FIFTY percent! That is a huge drop in fertility levels for men!

Chances of conceiving

Some studies suggest that once a man hits age 45, it can take up to FIVE times longer for him to conceive with a partner than it would if he were around age 25. There are also some studies that suggest that advanced paternal age can somehow be linked to increased risk of miscarriage, but much more research needs to be done on the subject.

Of course, men are physically able to father a child up until a very advanced age (think Hugh Hefner!), but it is just a bit harder the older a man gets. Most of the studies that we have seen suggest that while women definitely must contend with their biological clocks, perhaps it is something that men need to consider as well. There is sure to be much more research done on this subject in the future, so I am sure that we will continue to learn more about the effects of men’s age on fertility as time goes on!

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