Did Kim Kardashian Freeze Her Eggs?

on Feb 28, 2014

by Monica Scott

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Did Kim Kardashian Freeze Her Eggs?

Be prepared. It's not only the official motto of the boy scouts, it's also the unofficial motto of reality superstar Kim Kardashian.

Her motto

Be prepared. It’s not only the official motto of the boy scouts, it’s also the unofficial motto of reality superstar Kim Kardashian. As some of you know, in September of 2012, during the season 7 finale of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, Kim took control of her fertility and decided to freeze her eggs and protect her future fertility. It was a very hard choice for Kim, since she wasn’t sure if it was the right thing for her to do. Read on for more info on her important decision. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Tough decisions

During her divorce from Kris Humphries, and right at the beginning of her relationship with Kanye West, Kim went to see a fertility specialist along with sister Khloe to find out more about her options. While Khloe, 28, had been trying with then-hubby Lamar Odom to get pregnant for over a year with no luck, tests revealed that she was not ovulating properly. Concerned by her sister’s difficulty conceiving, Kim, 31, was very afraid that she would wait too long, and not be able to conceive either. The sisters’ progress at the fertility clinic was captured on camera in season 7, and the girls both had some very tough decisions to make regarding their future fertility. Khloe had to tell her husband that she wasn’t ovulating properly, and make that decision on how they should move forward. Kim, on the other hand, in the midst of a divorce and a brand new relationship, had to decide whether or not to freeze her eggs at age 32.

Missing her time

Kim was very afraid that she was missing her time to conceive, and she made the decision to freeze her eggs. She was shown on the reality show visiting the fertility specialist, and also with mom Kris giving her hormone injections. However, as it turned out, Kim wouldn’t need those frozen eggs. Just a few months after deciding to freeze her eggs, she got pregnant with baby North with no help at all. Just goes to show you, sometimes you get pregnant when you least expect it! Kim and Kanye have already spoken about their desire to have more kids as soon as possible. At least now they know that they can take their time without having to worry about Kim’s biological clock, since she took matters into her own hands and decided to freeze her eggs!

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Did Kim Kardashian Freeze Her Eggs?, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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