Dean McDermott Cheats on Tori Spelling

Dean McDermott Cheats on Tori Spelling

Not a Merry Christmas

Looks like it wasn’t a Merry Christmas for everyone this year. It was December 23 when the news broke that Dean McDermott, 47, allegedly cheated on his wife (and mother of four of his kids!) Tori Spelling during a one night stand in Canada. The alleged affair took place in early December, while Dean was promoting his new role as host of Chopped! Canada in Toronto. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Revealing all

The woman? A 28 year old named Emily Goodhand, who was described as a “friend of a friend”. Goodhand opened up to US Weekly, revealing all of the intimate details, including the fact that Dean couldn’t stop talking about his famous wife!

Goodhand says that she was introduced to McDermott through mutual friends, and had dinner with him and some other friends at Toronto’s Fairmont Royal York Hotel. Apparently, after an alcohol fueled evening, and an eight hour meal with friends, Dean slipped his hotel key card and room number into Emily’s purse, and she showed up later.

Talking about Tori

Goodhand insists that the pair used protection during their encounter, and that Dean couldn’t stop talking about Tori. Goodhand says that McDermott told her:

“I love my wife, I love her so much. But she won’t sleep with me.”

When the sex was over, Goodhand told McDermott that she had to get back home to get a good night’s sleep, when Dean asked her to stay and “cuddle” for awhile. The next evening, she went back to Dean’s hotel room again, but this time Dean had a male friend there.

This time, he took out his computer, showing off pictures of his wife and kids, and even bragging about the sex tape he made with Tori. Goodhand says that they did not have sex this time, but shared a Club sandwich and fries and fell asleep. When the two parted ways, Goodhand says there was no talk of ever seeing each other again, only “I had a great time”.

How’s Tori handling it?

Tori has always been a little wary of Dean’s cheating ways. He left his first wife of 12 years, Mary Jo Eustace, during an affair with Tori while filming the 2006 movie “Mind Over Murder”. Sources say Tori has always been a little insecure, because Dean cheated on Mary Jo when he met Tori.

There were also abundant rumors back in 2012 that Dean had cheated on Tori with two different women, but the couple patched up their problems. Again, in 2013, when Tori’s book “Spelling It Like It Is” came out, the couple hit a rough patch when Tori revealed some personal secrets about their finances and lives together.

Tori was spotted out to dinner with her kids after the news broke, not wearing her wedding ring, and with no Dean in sight. We guess it will remain to be seen how the couple handles this newest obstacle in their marriage.

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