Dax Shepard House-Bound Since Baby’s Birth

Dax Shepard Only Left House Twice Since Baby Lincoln's Birth

Dax Shepard Only Left House Twice Since Baby Lincoln’s Birth

New Dad Break

Okay, we knew that he would be a doting dad, but Dax Shepard takes doting dad to a whole new level! While hosting CASA of Los Angeles “Evening Of Dreams” Gala recently at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Dax revealed that he had barely left the house since his daughter’s birth. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Dax’s Sense of Humor

“I have a five-week-old daughter at home, and this is the second time I’ve left the house in five weeks so thank you so much for having this event tonight. I’m available tomorrow night if you want to go round two…

The other time I left the house was to go to Costco,” he continued. “Have you guys seen Costco? This place has ample parking, a super liberal return policy, and there’s no babies!… I went and left the house and it felt like a bachelor party in Vegas! I strolled those aisles. I went and lifted everything up off the shelves. I strolled the aisles for four or five hours!”

Well, if one thing is for sure, it looks like becoming a dad and being near-homebound has not put a damper on Dax’s sense of humor, thank goodness!

Out and About

Well, it looks like that night of freedom at the CASA gala was great for Dax, because it was just a couple of days later that the whole family was brave enough to leave the house! Mom Kristen Bell, daddy Dax and baby Lincoln hit the town for brunch just a few days ago.

While Miss Lincoln was tucked away safe and sound inside her car seat, we didn’t get to even catch the tiniest glimpse of her. However, Kristen Bell looks stunning as always just weeks after giving birth! And, it looks like the new mommy will get her turn for a “Mom’s Night Out” soon! She recently revealed that she will be hosting the Country Music Television Awards in Nashville on June 5 alongside Jason Aldean.

Funny Family

We will be keeping our eyes peeled to see more of Miss Lincoln Bell Shepard. We know that she is sure to be a beauty and with parents like those, we are sure that this little lady is going to be a spitfire! Best wishes and best of luck to Dax and Kristen as they navigate the murky waters of new parenthood! We’re sure you’ll do wonderful! We know that the first few weeks are rough, so just hang in there, it gets easier! We swear!

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