Dangers of High Blood Pressure While Pregnant

What are the Dangers of High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy?

Commonly called as high blood pressure, hypertension is actually a very common problem today. But that doesn’t mean that you take it lightly. It is a dangerous complication. It can occur even during pregnancy and this is even more dangerous. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

This is the reason why doctors keep a close check on the blood pressure of expectant mothers at every appointment. Any ups and downs in the blood pressure can lead to dire circumstances. Some of the dangers of high blood pressure during pregnancy can end up in the death of the mother or the child or both.

Some of the many dangerous have been expounded below for your awareness:

Placental abruption

In this condition, the placenta will separate from the baby, either completely or partially, before it is time for the baby to be delivered. As you know, the placenta is an absolute must for the survival of the fetus because it transfers oxygen and nutrients to it and takes back wastes. An abruption in the placenta will deprive the baby of the much-needed nutrients and oxygen.

Needless to say, this spells extreme trouble. It can even lead to the death of the baby. If the condition is severe, shock and heavy bleeding may occur. This in turn can risk the life of the mother and the baby. If you experience vaginal bleeding during your pregnancy during or after the 20th week of gestation, you should rush to the doctor. In fact, any type of bleeding calls for attention.

Premature delivery

Premature delivery is never a good thing. A baby delivered prematurely can face numerous different problems not just at birth but also throughout his life. The situation that high blood pressure brings up is dire in both directions. The baby can’t be in the uterus for longer because it can be life threating and if the baby is delivered early, it can lead to numerous complications.

However, premature delivery is the only way out to save the baby and the mother. Depending on how early the baby was born, complications may vary. Under weight babies are common. Besides that, the baby may suffer with development problems and learning disability later on in life.

Low birth weight

This occurs because high blood pressure restricts blood supply to the uterus. The blood vessels narrow down the fetus does not get the required nourishment and oxygen. As a result the baby suffers and is born underweight. Only when the baby gets enough supply of oxygen and nutrients will he be able to grow and develop well in the uterus. Lack of either can inhibit growth majorly.

Cardiovascular disease

This is a danger for the mothers. Especially if they develop preeclampsia during pregnancy, they are likely to suffer with cardiovascular disease in the future.


This is a severe condition that has symptoms of protein in the urine and high blood pressure levels. This condition is actually pretty common and occurs usually after the 20th week of pregnancy. Along with high blood pressure you will see symptoms such as headaches, welling, and sudden weight gain. This condition causes a number of deaths of infants as well as mothers every year.

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Monica Scott, BS, RN
Monica Scott, BS, RN | ConceiveEasy
Ms. Scott joined ConceiveEasy after working in prenatal obstetrical care for two years in a private practice before being promoted to Director of Nursing. She has a strong interest in women's health with an emphasis on promoting fertility awareness.