Dangerous Signs During Pregnancy

While you are pregnant, you are going to experience your share of symptoms. For the most part, women have certain expectations when it comes to these symptoms and usually they are pretty accurate. For example, you can probably expect to experience some fatigue and morning sickness early on in your pregnancy followed by heartburn and swelling later on in the process. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Naturally, all women are different and each pregnancy is different. Therefore, there will probably be some symptoms that you experience that are unique to you. That being said, it is important to note that there are some dangerous signs you should watch out for while you are pregnant. Keep these in mind while you are monitoring your symptoms.


It is important that you call your doctor any time you begin bleeding while you are pregnant. This is especially true if you are experiencing heavy bleeding that is coupled with severe abdominal pain. If you are experiencing this during your first trimester, it is possible that you have an ectopic pregnancy.

Later in the first trimester or early in the second, this could be a sign of a miscarriage. If this occurs during the third trimester, it is possible that you have experienced a placental abruption. However, regardless of when you experience the bleeding, it is important to talk to your doctor or go to the ER immediately.


Severe Vomiting

As before mentioned, morning sickness is extremely common in a pregnancy. However, when you aren’t able to hold down fluids and food, it is possible for you to become dehydrated. Some women even wind up in the hospital because they need to be treated for dehydration due to severe morning sickness. If you are experiencing this symptom, make sure you talk to your doctor about treatment options.

Baby Activity

When your baby gets big enough where you can feel their kicks, it is important to begin paying attention to their movements. The base rule is that you should feel your baby move 10 times in 2 hours. If you aren’t feeling this much activity, you should alert your doctor because the baby may need additional monitoring to make sure it is healthy.

Early Contractions or Water Breaking

If you are experiencing contractions or if your water breaks, it is important to alert your health care provider. This is especially true if this starts happening early on in your third trimester. It is tempting to blame these types of contractions on false labor, but this is not always the case. If your contractions are steady, predictable and increase in intensity, this is a sign of true labor and you need to talk to your doctor.

These are all signs of trouble in a pregnancy that you will need to watch out for. You should also discuss any other strange symptoms with your doctor so that you can know that you are healthy throughout your entire pregnancy.

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