Which Foods Should You NOT Eat When Pregnant?

Which Foods Should You NOT Eat When Pregnant?

Pregnancy and Food

Pregnancy is often seen as a time for a mom to be to splurge and eat whatever she wants without feeling guilty. Pregnancy also brings with it cravings that are sometimes weird, strange, and unhealthy. Pregnancy cravings, in and of themselves, are not usually dangerous. However, there are some foods that can be dangerous to unborn babies during pregnancy. Read on for the scoop on what foods to avoid while you are pregnant. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here


Some fish that contains high levels of mercury can be dangerous for women during pregnancy. Eating fish that is high in mercury can lead to problems with the development of the baby’s brain and nervous systems. Fish to avoid includes mackerel, swordfish, shark and tilefish. Even fish that is considered low in mercury, such as salmon, shrimp and catfish should be limited to less than 12 ounces per week.

Anything Raw

No sushi during pregnancy! Pregnant women should avoid anything raw, including raw eggs or cookie dough. Eating raw or undercooked foods during pregnancy can open up a pregnant woman to a host of bacteria, diseases, and other illnesses.

Soft Cheese

Soft cheeses, such as brie, feta, and and blue cheeses should be avoided during pregnancy. This is because these cheeses are sometimes known to carry dangerous bacteria such as Listeria. Eating foods that contain Listeria bacteria can lead to Listeriosis, which can cause miscarriage, preterm labor and stillbirth. Make sure that any and all cheese that you eat while pregnant is pasteurized.

Deli Meats

Much like soft cheeses, deli meats can contain listeria bacteria, which can lead to illness and problems with the baby. Avoid deli meats as much as possible while pregnant to steer clear of these problems.

Dirty Produce

Fruits and vegetables should always be washed thoroughly before eating. Dirty, unwashed veggies can lead to toxoplasmosis, a dangerous blood disorder that can lead to jaundice, mental retardation and low birth weight in babies.

Soy Products

You might think that soy products would be healthy, but during pregnancy, they should be avoided. Some experts think that excess amounts of soy can cause hormonal effects in the body, which can lead to problems with the baby’s development. Some experts think too much soy can impact the way the reproductive organs develop, the way the immune system develops, and can give a child increased risk of behavior problems and learning disabilities.

Fresh Squeezed Juice Or Cider

Here’s another one that you might think is healthy, but can actually be harmful to your baby. Fresh squeezed juices or cider can potentially contain e.coli bacteria, which can be extremely harmful to both mom and baby. Instead, make sure that any juice you drink has been pasteurized.

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Dr. Christine Lee, MD
Dr. Christine Lee, MD | ConceiveEasy
Dr. Christine Lee earned her Ph.D. in Developmental Biology and Master of Science in Biomolecular Organization. Dr. Lee is Lab Director for ConceiveEasy and is board certified as a High Complexity Laboratory Director (HCLD).