Czech Mother Pregnant with Quintuplets

Czech Mother Pregnant with Natural Quintuplets? Odds: 1 in 60Million

Babies On Board!

She’s pregnant with the Czech Republic’s first EVER set of naturally conceived quintuplets, and she’s only 23!! Alexandra Kinova was initially told that she was having twins, and that was enough of a shock for the 23 year old mom to be, who already has one child.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Once the doctor discovered that there were actually FIVE babies in her tummy, Alexandra said that she was completely in shock, and that she started to cry. However, the idea of the five babies began to grow on her, and she plans to breastfeed all of them, like she did with her first son.

Alexandra also said that twins run in both her family and her partner’s family. So how to get pregnant with twins naturally wasn’t beyond the realm of possibility. But quintuplets? Just how rare is Alexandra’s story? Doctors say the odds of naturally conceiving quintuplets is one in several million.

Alexandra and her partner didn’t even know they were having quints! After being told they were having twins, the doctors changed it to four babies the next month, and the NEXT month, they found a fifth baby!

They’re HERE!

The quints were delivered via c-section on Sunday, June 2, and the Prague hospital that delivered the babies doubled their usual hospital staff that day to help care for all the new arrivals. Doctors say that the delivery went off fine, without any complications.

The babies, four boys and one girl, were all placed in the intensive care unit, along with their mother, as a precaution after the birth. Alexandra and her partner were excited to learn the sex of the babies, as they could not see through an ultrasound, since the babies were all jumbled together. Their big brother helped pick out their names: Deniel, Michael, Alex, Martin and Terezka.

Doing Well

Doctors say that although all five babies and their mom are in intensive care, they are all doing good, and it is just a precaution. Alexandra Kinova has become an overnight celebrity, and now that she is mom to Czech Republic’s first EVER set of natural quintuplets, she is sure to get even more famous!

In fact, Alexandra’s babies are the first EVER recorded set of quints in Czech Republic, since birth statistics were started to be recorded way back in 1949. The babies were delivered at only 31 weeks gestation, but they were given meds to help their lungs develop faster, and mom and babies are said to be doing just fine! Dad is also very excited, and even led the entire hospital team in a celebratory toast after all of his new babies were delivered safely!

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