Couple Busted Sneaking Into Maternity Ward Plotting To Steal Babies

Couple Busted Sneaking Into Maternity Ward With Fake Newborn Dolls & Plotting To Steal Babies On Alert

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The police have issued a warning to hospitals in the California Central Valley area after a couple were arrested after trying repeatedly to sneak into the Mother and Baby Unit of the Mercy Medical Center in Merced, California. The couple used life-like Reborn baby dolls posing as real babies to try to gain access to the Mercy Medical Baby Unit. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The couple tried the first time to enter the Baby Unit on Saturday, August 16. They went as far as “changing” the fake babies and posing with them for pictures. That time, they were turned away by a suspicious guard, who snapped photos of the couple and their pretend children.

They came back again on Sunday, August 17, this time wearing scrubs. When this aroused suspicion because the scrubs didn’t match the hospital’s uniform, the woman apparently claimed to have a non-existent appointment with an educator and presenting an outdated business card from the center’s director.


Police say they are not sure of the couple’s motives at this point. The man has yet to be identified, but the woman has been identified as Tonya Whitney Boehs. A Facebook profile page for Boehs shows photos of Reborn baby dolls similar to the ones at the hospital.

Boehs was interviewed by the Merced Sun Star Newpaper, where she adamantly denied trying to impersonate a nurse and said that there was “no way” she would abduct an infant. “I, in no way, tried impersonating a nurse. I, in no way, tried or ever even thought of stealing babies,” Whitney said.

Whitney characterized the incident as a misunderstanding, saying she was trying to meet with hospital staff to see if they would purchase some of her dolls as training tools for expectant mothers. Merced police, however, said Whitney appeared to lie to investigators when questioned. Capt.

Tom Trindad said Whitney initially claimed she had an appointment with hospital staff, but staff members said that was not true. Hospital staff also told police they would not have scheduled meetings near the maternity ward.

Keeping New Moms and Babies Safe

The Merced Mercy Hospital staff say that they are committed to keeping moms and babies safe in their care. Bob McLaughlin, spokesman for Mercy Medical Center, said on Thursday that all of the hospital’s security measures worked and that Boehs was denied access to the Family Birth Center.

Hospitals around the local area are reviewing their safety and security protocols to ensure that all moms and babies are safe in their maternity wards. As for Tonya Whitney Boehs, she said she understood hospital and police concerns for safety.

She said she firmly believes she will be cleared of any alleged wrongdoing and urged people to wait for all the facts to come out. She did say she regrets the situation.“I’m just sorry that it got blown up this much,” Whitney said. “It was not my intention for it to go this far.”

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