Could Sugar Addiction Hinder Fertility?

on Mar 23, 2016

by Alyssia Granger

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For years, research has shown just how much sugar affects our bodies. Over time, it is something that can lead to several health concerns, like diabetes and cholesterol

For years, research has shown just how much sugar affects our bodies. Over time, it is something that can lead to several health concerns, like diabetes and cholesterol, and can actually cause us to keep additional fat that we don’t need. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

However, as much as sugar affects our general health, there are also concerns for women who are trying to become pregnant as well. For many women, a sugar addiction may be the cause behind their infertility.

What does Sugar Do?

One of the main issues with sugar is that it causes us to be unhealthy. In the end, this can make health conditions, like endometriosis and PCOS more prevalent. Since these conditions already make it harder to conceive, this is definitely something that is a problem for women trying to conceive with them.

When we eat too much sugar, our bodies will begin to develop issues with maintaining the right amounts of insulin. In the end, this can cause us to have a hormonal imbalance, which can affect our ability to release eggs and conceive.

Men also suffer when they are addicted to sugar. The same issues that women have can replicate themselves in men. For example, men can also have an imbalance of hormones, which can make it harder for them to produce healthy sperm that can fertilize an egg. For this reason, couples should work together to cut out as much sugar as they possibly can.

Tips to Cut out Sugar

When you are looking to cut a sugar addiction from your life, there are several things you can do. For example, start by trying to replace sugary foods with healthier options. Keep yourself filled up on healthy foods and you will not be as likely to want sugary foods too.

Along with this, make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Water can help keep you hydrated, which can help you avoid giving into a sugar craving. For times when you do want to give into the craving, try an option that still gives you the sweet taste, but that is a healthy alternative, like honey or stevia.

You should also make sure you understand how much sugar you typically eat on a daily basis. Make sure you are taking into account hidden sources of sugar. For example, white flour, rice and pasta are all sources of sugar that you will need to avoid.

Avoiding sugar is definitely something that couples should do when they are trying to become pregnant. If you are struggling with this issue, you may want to talk to your doctor about tips to make it easier.

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Could Sugar Addiction Hinder Fertility?, 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

Alyssia is mom to 2 giggley twin girls, Sophia and Emma, and son Hunter. She's a Southern girl, passionate about photography, travel and her husband Josh.

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    Good morning , am Omotayo from Nigeria please I want to know the reason I couldn’t conceive even after having sex with my husband and I still see my period and it’s always regular? We got married last year July but started having intercourse January. Thanks

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