Coolio’s Baby Mama Says His Latest Fling Beat Her

Coolio's Baby Mama Says His Latest Fling Beat Her

A Dumb Move

Coolio pulled a really dumb move a few days ago. Not only did he bring home another woman to the home that he shares with his baby mama, Annabella Chapman, but he then allegedly beat her up too! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Come on, could this guy make any more mistakes? These are not hard things to remember, Coolio! Don’t bring other women home, and don’t beat up your long term, live in girlfriend, who also happens to be the mother of your children!

The Deal

Here’s what happened! The alleged incident took place on April 1, when Coolio brought another woman, named Mimi, to the house that he shares with Annabella Chapman. The two women were apparently involved in some sort of altercation, and that is when Coolio allegedly pushed Chapman to the ground.

After that, he supposedly punched her in the face. After that, the 49 year old rapper is said to have jumped in his car with his five year old son and the other woman and took off. In the process, the police report says that he hit Annabella with his car, and even left tire marks on her!

Off To Jail- But For How Long?

It didn’t take cops long to catch up to Artis Ivey, Jr (aka Coolio), and when they did, boy, did he have a story for them! The rapper claimed that HE was the victim, since Chapman had scratched him when she launched into a jealous rage! Of course, cops didn’t buy it at all, and toted him off to jail right away. However, Chapman’s former best friend Tara Borneila is speaking out against her, saying that Coolio might not have been the only one in the wrong that day!

Story Part I

Here’s what the ex best friend has to say! Tara Borneila says:

“First she said she ran after Coolio because she didn’t want him to take their son, but [she told me that] she was also high and couldn’t control herself, so she ended up getting into an altercation where she was chasing him [Coolio],” adding, ” [She said] she lost her grip on the back of the truck when he was leaving and fell down.”

Story Part II

The friend also accuses Anabella of drug use. “I babysat her son while she was recuperating [from the altercation],” she says. “And when I was in the garage with her little boy, he had a pink lunch box, and I asked him, ‘What are you doing with that little pink lunch box?

That’s for girls!’ and he replied, ‘That’s my mama’s smoke.’ I opened up the lunchbox and it was full of marijuana, and I didn’t approve of that. I become concerned of her smoking around him because he had just been in the hospital three days from an asthma attack and now he is inhaling her marijuana, so I was very worried and concerned about his health.”

Story Part III

The ex-friend continues, “Another problem is that she [Anabella] has a very jealous personality. She feels she loves Coolio very much and doesn’t want to lose him to anybody. She said that if she couldn’t have Coolio then nobody could. That’s why I’m worried about Coolio because if these charges cause Coolio to get put away in jail then she’s won her case.

And I don’t think it’s fair for a man to be in prison [over the reason] that if a [certain] woman can’t have him, nobody can and for somebody to lie to make a man go to prison for something they have not done, and are not guilty of anything, except for not loving her. It’s unfair to him. But until the truth is told by her, Coolio is in a prison, he’s in jail because of her lies.”

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