Birth Control Options After Pregnancy?

Birth Control Options After Pregnancy?

Birth Control After Giving Birth

Birth control. It is usually one of the furthest things from a woman’s mind after she gives birth, but it shouldn’t be. It is important for women to plan ahead when it comes to birth control. While you are pregnant, it can be easy to forget what it’s like to have to worry about birth control, but after you give birth, your fertility will return with a vengeance so it’s important to know what you are going to do as far as birth control is concerned! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Breastfeeding As Birth Control

Many women who breastfeed don’t need to worry about birth control after giving birth, at least not at first. If a woman’s normal periods haven’t yet returned, her baby is under six months old, and she is exclusively breastfeeding (not supplementing with formula), breastfeeding in and of itself is a very effective form of birth control. In fact, it can be up to 98 percent effective, which is just as effective as most birth control pills! Once a woman’s periods return to normal, her fertility is returning, and she should start thinking about other forms of birth control.

Non Hormonal Birth Control

For women who are breastfeeding and still need birth control options, barrier methods are usually one of the best choices. These methods don’t contain any hormones, so they won’t effect the mom’s breast milk in any way. Spermicides, diaphragms, and condoms are all great barrier methods.

The Birth Control Pill

Birth control pills are a choice for women after pregnancy. They are the most common birth control method. However, women who are breastfeeding need to be aware that the estrogen in birth control pills can effect their milk supply. Therefore, a better option for breastfeeding moms is the mini-pill, which contains only progestin. It will not affect a breastfeeding mom’s milk supply.

Other Options

When a woman stops breastfeeding, many other options for birth control will be able to be used. Once a woman is no longer breastfeeding, she doesn’t have to worry about chemicals and hormones getting into her milk supply, and she can use things like IUDs, Depo Provera, vaginal rings, or anything really. There are no limitations on what kind of birth control a woman can use if she is no longer breastfeeding.

But be mindful, hormonal birth control doesn’t come without its price for those that plan to get pregnant again. For example, ovulation after Depo can be long delayed, so be mindful if you should like to conceive again. Women should try to think ahead while they are pregnant and determine which kinds of birth control might be right for them after they give birth so they will be prepared when the time comes.

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Dr. Christine Lee, MD
Dr. Christine Lee, MD | ConceiveEasy
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