Comparing Celebrity Baby Bumps

Comparing Celebrity Baby Bumps

It’s the season of the baby! There are so many pregnant celebs out there right now! It is a Hollywood Baby Boom! Let’s do a quick rundown of all the baby bumps out there right now, and see how they all compare! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Jessica Simpson

Just seven months after welcoming daughter Maxwell into the world, Jess shocked us all by announcing that she was expecting again! She recently “let it slip” on Jimmy Fallon that she’s having a boy this time around!

So far, Jess is keeping in great shape, working out all the time during her second pregnancy. Jessica was very open about gaining too much weight during her pregnancy with Maxwell, so she is trying harder to keep it under control with her baby boy. So far, she looks great, and her baby bump (while getting pretty big!) is still adorable!

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is getting closer to her due date, and we still haven’t heard what the sex of her baby with Kanye West is, but we do know that her bump is growing! Kimmy K is working hard to stay in the best shape she can while pregnant, but sources close to her say that she is “in denial” over the baby weight.

Kim herself has admitted that dressing her pregnant body can be “awkward” and she is having a hard time getting it right. Kim has also admitted that so far, she has gotten wider and gained inches, but her belly hasn’t really “popped” yet. At this stage in the game, she says she is more concerned about concealing her weight gain than dressing her bump.

Kristen Bell

Our favorite funny lady Kristen Bell is getting ready to welcome her baby boy with Dax Shepard, and her bump is definitely growing! While Kristen has always been a petite girl, her baby bump is definitely getting bigger, and it looks like she swallowed a basketball! She is said to be due in “late spring”, but she looks like she could give birth any time! She looks adorable as always however, and we can’t wait to see her bundle of joy! That’s gonna be a funny baby!

Kate Middleton

While most of our other favorite celebs are sporting bigger and bigger bumps, its seems that the Duchess of Cambridge has the tiniest bump we’ve ever seen! Of course, Princess Kate has had a host of issues, including an ongoing bout with acute morning sickness, which is sure to be a factor in keeping her from gaining much weight.

While the rest of us don’t know for sure yet, Will and Kate know whether they are having a baby boy or a girl, but they aren’t sharing this yet! It seems that Kate is taking great care of her body during her pregnancy, we could barely tell she was pregnant when those infamous bikini photos were leaked!

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