Chronic High Blood Pressure and Pregnancy

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The term chronic high blood pressure is used to describe high blood pressure that exists before a woman becomes pregnant. This high blood pressure could continue throughout the woman’s pregnancy and make additional treatment necessary. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Another time that this term is used is when the woman develops high blood pressure during her pregnancy and it continues for longer than 12 weeks. During this time, the woman will also require special medical attention and will be considered to have a high risk pregnancy.

When a woman has chronic high blood pressure, it is important that she monitors her blood pressure regularly. This is something that is completed in the doctor’s office, but it is also something that should be completed at home.

There are many dangers to having high blood pressure when a woman is pregnant. For starters, it can cause complications for the mother or her baby. It is possible that the baby will not receive the right amount of blood through the placenta. This could mean that the baby is not receiving the oxygen that it needs to remain healthy.

When the baby is not able to get the right amount of oxygen, it is possible that complications will develop. This could cause the baby to not grow properly or to have problems developing through the pregnancy.

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