Chris Brown’s Trouble for Smoking Marijuana in Ghana

Chris Brown Trouble in Ghana for Smoking Marijuana on Stage

Drama actor

We swear, if there was a drama award, it would have to, without a doubt, go to Chris Brown. Always one for controversy and being right in the middle of the drama, now Chris is under investigation by police in Ghana. Word is, Mr. Brown was paid $1 million to perform in Ghana. But, once he got there, he skipped out on several radio appearances, and then was brazen enough to smoke weed ONSTAGE during his concert! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Ghana’s Section 5 of Narcotic Drugs

The police are now investigating allegations that Chris Brown “is alleged to have smoked Indian hemp while performing on stage at the Accra Sports Stadium in the early hours of Wednesday 6th March 2013.” In Ghana, there is a law in Ghana’s Section 5 of narcotic drugs [Control Enforcement and Sanctions] Act, 1990 stipulates that ‘a person shall not, without lawful authority or excuse, smoke, sniff, consume, inject into the body or otherwise administer a narcotic drug on the body of that person.’

Smoking joint onstage

The reports allege that about halfway through his hour and a half performance, Chris Brown began to use “excessive vulgar language”, and asked the crowd : “How many of yall smoke weed?” Then, he went on to say: ‘If anybody tripping on ya’ll smoking weed, f— them. S—, I got my blunt right here!” That was when he pulled a neatly rolled joint out of his pocket and began to smoke it onstage. In case you were wondering, this was the same show that Chris Brown brought rapper WizKid onstage to perform with him.

Demo as part of a song

However, the owner of the theater that Chris Brown was performing at denies the accusations and says that Brown was just doing a demo with the joint as a part of a song…. Yes, because we know that Chris Brown would NEVER smoke weed, or make bad decisions, right? Apparently the people of Ghana were NOT happy with Chris acting a fool in their town, because there was a huge public outcry, and the police were forced to get involved and start an investigation.

A train wreck

The whole Ghana trip was a huge fiasco for Brown. First of all, while in route to Ghana, he got into an argument with his long time bodyguard, when their plane stopped to refuel in Bermuda. He then left his bodyguard “Big Pat” stranded in Bermuda and went on to Ghana without him. (Big Pat later boarded a flight to JFK and got home safely.)

Once he arrived in Ghana, he blew off all of those radio interviews and promotional appearances. Apparently there was a big sod cutting ceremony (like a ribbon cutting) and unveiling that Chris Brown was supposed to attend, even the PRESIDENT of Ghana was there! Come on, Chris, you’re being paid A MILLION dollars to act like a normal guy for a couple days!! Shew, this guy is a train wreck, and it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon!

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