Chris Bosh, Adrienne Williams & Lil Wayne Mixup

Chris Bosh’s Wife, Adrienne Williams-Bosh and Lil Wayne Controversy

Prone to controversy

Well, one thing that you can pretty much be sure of in life is where Lil Wayne is, controversy is sure to follow. The Young Money CEO is prone to controversy, and the tabloids love to follow his every move. Weezy has a hard time staying under control, keeping cool, calm and collected, so usually, it’s pretty blatantly obvious that whatever issues occur, were his fault. However, this time, we might have found an issue that Lil Wayne took part in, but didn’t necessarily start. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Lil Wayne and the NBA game

If you follow the NBA or celebrity news at all, chances are you heard about the little incident involving Lil Wayne at the Miami Heat game. He was removed from the game after cheering for the Lakers and causing a huge scene. Afterwards, at the request of the Miami Heat, he was officially blacklisted from attending any future NBA events.

You can imagine that Weezy wasn’t too pleased when he was asked to leave. He began spouting off insults and obscenities, as he usually does. He started screaming “F— the NBA, F— Dwayne Wade, and F— Chris Bosh!” All of this seems pretty (sadly) normal for Lil Wayne. But then, he threw down the killer: “And I F—ed Chris Bosh wife!”

The story behind

Of course, everyone blew this off as Weezy causing a scene as usual, but come to find out; there was some truth to this public insult fest. Apparently, there is a little bit of bad blood between Lil Wayne and Chris Bosh’s Wife, Adrienne. Turns out, back in the day, Adrienne Bosh was an aspiring model in the Atlanta nightlife scene. She was sort of a “groupie,” hanging out at the clubs with rappers and drug dealers.

Apparently, Adrienne and Lil Wayne had kind of a “thing” going on, and he was smitten with her. He apparently really cared for Adrienne. We know this because when Adrienne came to him and asked for ten thousand dollars for her cancer treatments, Weezy handed it over without hesitation. The kicker? Adrienne didn’t have cancer, and once she got the cash from Lil Wayne, she never looked back. As in, completely disappeared from the face of the Earth.

Lil Wayne and Adrienne

When you take that into consideration, it actually seems like Lil Wayne didn’t do a bad job of keeping his frustration bottled up for so long, since Adrienne married Chris Bosh back in the Summer of 2011. Weezy has been a perfect gentleman for awhile now, so it is actually not a surprise to me that when he was evicted from the game, he let that little gem fly. So far, no comment from Chris Bosh, and just some cryptic “Karma” tweets from Adrienne on the matter. Surely, more to come in the ever changing drama that is Lil Wayne .

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