Chinese Herbs to Aid in Fertility

Chinese Herbs to Aid in Fertility

If you are trying to get pregnant, you might have heard about Chinese herbs for promoting fertility and making getting pregnant just a bit easier. The fact is, Chinese herbs have been around for thousands of years and have a long history in being a great fertility aid. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Lots of couples are turning to Chinese herbal therapy to help them get pregnant these days because herbal therapy is a natural option that doesn’t involve invasive treatments or potentially harmful chemicals. Everything that you put into your body through Chinese herbal therapy is completely natural.

It is also much less expensive than other traditional fertility treatment options such as IVF, making it an attractive choice for many couples who are trying to conceive.

The Chinese herbal therapy

Chinese herbal therapy encompasses a whole body approach to healing; not just fixing the “parts” of you that might be having problems. This is in part because Chinese herbs don’t use just one or two herbs as a part of their treatment system. Chinese herbal therapy uses tons of different herbs to help your body, more than 150 in all.

These herbs are usually used in groups of 15 or more, all complex formulas put together by an expert in Chinese herbal medicine. In the USA, Chinese herbal medicine is a bit harder to receive, since you will have to find a doctor who practices it and you also have to have a prescription. This can make your search for a doctor to help you a little bit difficult sometimes.

Success rate

The true success rates of Chinese herbal therapy are unknown, since the records are hard to find and it is not practiced that commonly here in the USA. However, some doctors think that up to seventy percent of infertility cases that are treated with Chinese herbal therapy end up with a pregnant woman, and those are some simply astounding odds! Couple that with the fact that Chinese herbal therapy is all natural and non invasive, and you can see why many couples choose this as an alternative fertility treatment method.

How to find a practitioner

It can be a little more difficult to find an expert on Chinese herbal therapy here in the USA, but if you have an acupuncturist or naturo-path doctor, they can probably give you some recommendations or at least a starting point in your search. You can even contact the Institute for Traditional Medicine, since they have a database of health care experts that they use just for helping US citizens learn more about Chinese herbal therapy.

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