Chelsea Clinton- IVF Twins?

Chelsea Clinton- IVF Twins?

Is Chelsea Clinton preparing for IVF twins? That is the rumor going around about our favorite former “first daughter.” Chelsea and husband Marc Mezvinsky are reportedly preparing for IVF treatments, and are excited about the idea that they could become the proud parents of twins or multiples after undergoing IVF. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

IVF certainly will increase chances of conceiving a girl or girls! Of course, these reports are all from various “anonymous sources,” so who knows how accurate they actually are, but you have to admit, the speculation does make sense.

Chelsea and her love to her family

According to these secretive “sources,” Chelsea is extremely concerned about her parent’s health and increasing age (we all saw that in the paparazzi photos of a hysterical Chelsea visiting mom Hilary in the hospital during her blood clot dilemma earlier this year), and wants to have a baby, like now! She has spoken previously about how much her parents were looking forward to their first grandchild, and according to these sources, she wants to give them a baby as soon as possible!

The decision to go with IVF

A “family friend” told the National Enquirer last month: ““Chelsea’s ready to give IVF a go and Marc is supporting her decision. They both realize there is a better chance of a multiple birth with this treatment. Chelsea is very concerned with her mother’s life-or-death medical crisis and her father’s concerns about dying.

So with luck, a birth announcement is just around the corner!” What we do know for sure is how much Chelsea’s dad (former president Bill Clinton, in case anyone is not following along!) wants to live to see his grandchildren. He has said so on multiple occasions while trying to improve his heart health.

Her desire to give her parents a grandchild

The source mentioned in the Enquirer goes on to say that after Chelsea heard her dad’s latest statements about how badly he wanted a grandchild, Chelsea “cried and made it a priority to bring him a grandchild. In fact, Chelsea told Mark she’d even like to have twins. She also told a pal, ‘It would be a double blessing. Mom and Dad would be over the moon.’” Miss Chelsea is only 33, so while her time for making babies hasn’t run out yet, her parents’ health conditions might just be pushing her into motherhood at a higher rate of speed than she normally would have been.

Of course, Chelsea has never been one to seek out the spotlight, and she seems to like the low key lifestyle that she has chosen. So, while we may never know for sure if she and Mark have chosen to use IVF to get pregnant, the one sure thing is that, when they do have a baby (or babies!) he or she will be extremely loved by many.

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