Checklist for Signs of Pregnancy

on Mar 13, 2013

by Dr. Renee Hanton, MD

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Checklist for Signs of Pregnancy

You can take a pregnancy test after missing your period but even before that there are numerous signs that will tell you that you are pregnant.

Once you conceive, your body will undergo numerous different changes. One of the most significant changes is the production of the hormone named hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin. Its levels surge and this in turn causes numerous changes in the body. As soon as the fertilized egg implants in the uterine lining, you will feel a number of changes. Actually some women don’t notice any symptoms until they miss their period. You can take a pregnancy test after missing your period but even before that there are numerous signs that will tell you that you are pregnant. The reason why most women miss them is that they don’t know of them. These may not be definitive symptoms of pregnancy though. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Light bleeding

A few women will see light bleeding twelve days after conception. This occurs because of implantation. You will feel light bleeding a couple of days before your actual period.

Temperature of the body

If you are trying to get pregnant, you may be keeping track of your basal body temperature. What happens is that during ovulation, the basal body temperature increases. After ovulation it goes down. If you get pregnant though, it will remain high even after two weeks of ovulation. Higher basal body temperature is actually a very reliable sign.

Missed period

This is the most common sign of pregnancy. If you have been trying to get pregnant and you have missed your period, it’d be ideal to check and be sure through a pregnancy test. You can either go to the doctor or buy a pregnancy kit to find out.

Changes in the breast

If you are pregnant, your breasts will be tender and swollen. This is because your breasts are getting ready to prepare milk for your baby. The glands in the breasts are stimulated to produce milk and as a result, you will find that your breasts are firm, tender, and swollen.


Your body is undergoing numerous hormonal changes due to pregnancy and this causes an imbalance in energy. This is why you will feel tired. Moreover, when you are pregnant you will require more energy than usual. In the first twelve weeks, it is common to feel extremely tired. You will feel much better when you enter your second trimester.

Morning sickness

Nausea and vomiting are together called morning sickness. Though it is dubbed as ‘morning’ sickness, it can occur at any time during the day or it may last all day. This occurs because of the hormones that the placenta produces. By the time you enter week six of your pregnancy, the levels of hCG will be about a thousand times higher. This will increase morning sickness significantly.


The production of progesterone will end up slowing down the smooth muscle of the gastrointestinal system. As a result intestines won’t empty as they should. You will feel bloated and you won’t be able to pass feces with ease, thus. As days pass by, constipation problem will only get worse because your baby will grow and pressurize your bowels.

Other signs of pregnancy include skin darkening, increased urination, and increased salivation.

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Checklist for Signs of Pregnancy, 5.0 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

Dr. Renee Hanton is ConceiveEasy's Senior Physician with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. Dr. Hanton specializes in the endocrine causes of infertility, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

  • Corinne

    I have been on Conceive Easy for almost 3 mos. Last month I skipped a period. Now I just had some light bleeding early in my cycle. Plus I am feeling like I can barely keep my eyes open. My BBT is 97.8… could I be pregnant??!!

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  • Monica Scott, RN

    There is a good chance for you to be pregnant, given that your light bleeding, missed periods and 97.8 degrees BBT are effective indicators that you might be conceiving. I do recommend that you try to take a home pregnancy test 14 days after the first day that you have missed your period for a reliable result. As soon as you’ve confirmed your pregnancy, you should start taking prenatal vitamins to prevent miscarriages and to promote a healthy development for your child.

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  • queen

    Could I be pregnant .. I been feeling a little bit sick to my stomach .. everything I eat . I also gained a couple of pounds my lower stomach and lower back it hurting like crazy I need to know some signs

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