Cheap Fertility Drugs for Infertility

Cheap Fertility Drugs for Infertility

Not being able to get pregnant the ordinary way can be truly heart wrenching. This is especially true if a woman has tried and tried to get pregnant without having any success. Wanting to have kids seriously and not being able to bring the dream to fruition can also make a woman tend to blame herself for not being productive or whatever the problem may be. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

However, the truth is this, even after a doctor runs a bunch of tests on a female patient for infertility, sometimes, the exact cause of why a woman cannot get pregnant are unknown. Therefore, a woman should not feel guilty or less of a woman, simply because she is unable to have a child.

If anything, it should push her all the more to keep on trying, because giving up and giving in is not the answer. There are lots of other possible solutions. One of them is by using fertility drugs, and not all have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Some people have stated that it is best to know what the cause of the infertility is before using any kind of fertility drug. Therefore, it might be wise to check into some possible causes for infertility, before a woman begins taking any kind of fertility drug. Better to be safe than sorry later on.

Some of the most common causes of infertility problems in women are due to not being able to ovulate properly, fallopian tubes that do not work as they should normally, and endometriosis. A few other possible causes can be an abnormal uterus to poor cervical mucus to chronic type abnormalities being present.

What are some helpful and cheap fertility drugs to use for infertility?


Well, one of the most common fertility drugs is Clomid, which does not cost that much to get. Nonetheless, it must be prescribed by a doctor for a patient, and has been known to cause multiples as far as births do go. The generic to Clomid is called Clomiphene. Clomid is designed for the purpose of stimulation, and it assists in increasing ovulation overall.

Generic gonadotropins

Another fertility drug that can do the job and is discounted are gonadotropins. This drugs is available in a lot of medical stores, and they are highly successful in helping women to get pregnant when they cannot seem to get pregnant on their own clearly.


Bromocriptine is another generic fertility drug that does not cost a whole lot to use. This fertility drug can either be used orally or as a vaginal suppository. A doctor can recommend it for a woman, and they fix the dosage. It should be taken for a couple of months as a course of treatment.


Another fertility drug for women that is not expensive is progesterone. Progesterone aids in increasing the blood supply in the body and does make a lining in the uterus that can take a fertilized egg. This drug can be bought in a gel form or in capsules.

While the use of infertility drugs has certainly proven to provide millions of positive results to couples who were unable to create babies on their own, there is no guarantee that goes along with this class of drugs. Infertility issues can also be resolved by changing one’s lifestyle habits, and this involves everything from diet to exercise to smoking and drinking alcohol.

Having certain lifestyle factors such as these can also lessen the chance of pregnancy happening naturally by a big percentage. Therefore, use these cheap fertility drugs, if you wish. But do also consider leading a more healthy lifestyle and it may be the most positive thing fertility-speaking.

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