Chances of Getting Pregnant After 40

Chances of Getting Pregnant After 40

Are you aware that your eggs begin to die down after age 26? They take a drastic fall after 35? So can you get pregnant at 40 and over? Would you need to seek medical help in doing so? What are your odds as a healthy female? How do you increase fertility over 40Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Chance of conceiving

While the odds are stacked against most women over the age of 35 that does not mean the possibility is not there. Some women will conceive without any delay at this age; while others have to look to modern medicine for a little assistance.

Allow me to clarify that; the average 40 year old only has a 5% chance of conceiving naturally per month, these odds are not much different even with in vitro fertilization (IVF) the odds are only 10% per try. Some couples get lucky and hit that 5% and do not have to try any longer. While others that try for longer than six months naturally must look outside the box for assistance.

Diminished ovarian reserve (DOR)

Typically the problem for women 40 and over is something known as diminished ovarian reserve (DOR). Diminished ovarian reserve is a reduction in the ability of the ovary to produce good quality eggs and especially caused by advanced maternal age (older than 40).

The lack of good eggs makes conception more difficult. Bad quality eggs can end in miscarriage or severe birth defects. There are very few ways to treat diminished ovarian reserve, there have not been any clinical trials- mostly just case studies. It is best to speak with your doctor about your options with testing and treatment if this is your problem.

Try for 6 months naturally

However that is not always the case. You have to try first in order to know if you will succeed. Once you have tried for six months, and you are sure that you want a child, speak to your doctor about other options that you can pursue.

Your problems may be solved with something as simple as a fertility drug such as Clomid, or treatments such as intrauterine insemination (IUI). Clomid is usually the first “go to” drug when it comes to infertility treatments, and that is because usually the biggest problem lays in the ovulation of the menstrual cycle.

High risk pregnancy

Another problem once you hit 40 is called “high risk pregnancy”. Typically you will have to see specific doctors throughout your pregnancy to ensure the health of you and your unborn baby, while at the age of 40 you nearly double your risk of miscarriage and preterm labor. The best things to do to help carry a healthy baby through a healthy pregnancy are pretty basic.

Eat Right
Moderate “exercise”
• No alcohol
• No recreational drugs
• Rest
Regular doctor visits

Pretty simple right? These are things that every woman should do during pregnancy, but especially if you are considered “high risk” for miscarriage or preterm labor.

See your OBGYN

Be sure to set a preconception visit with your regular OBGYN so that he or she can get you started on the right foot. They may decide to run some “pre tests” to determine ahead of time if there will be any big problems along this road for you. This is an important start to bringing home a healthy baby.

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