Celine Dion Opens Up About 6 IVF Attempts

Celine Dion Opens Up about 6 IVF Attempts to Get Pregnant

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Behind the door

When it comes to Hollywood pregnancies, we don’t often get to glimpse “behind the curtain”. We get to see the sparkle and the shine, but not any of the hard work to get to that place. This is especially true when it comes to celebrity moms who get pregnant after age 40. They don’t often want to talk about the steps they took to get pregnant, whether it be IVF, donor eggs, or miscarriage. One exception to this rule has been Celine Dion. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Lots of treatment

The superstar songstress turns 46 this month, and she has not been shy about revealing that so far in life, she has been through IVF a whopping SEVEN times, which resulted in two pregnancies and three babies. Celine underwent her first IVF treatment when she was 33, and luckily, it was successful. Her son, Rene-Charles, will turn 13 this year. She also has twins Nelson and Eddy, who are turning four, but she revealed that having them wasn’t quite so easy!

To get pregnant with her twins, she endured SIX IVF trials, one right after another! Celine also revealed that she wasn’t going to give up! “I was going to try until the doctor would say to me, ‘You cannot try anymore,'” she says. Celine tried, and tried and tried some more, and in 2010, she announced that she was pregnant with not just one baby- but twin baby boys!

How wonderful! It just goes to show that when something is so important, you should always keep trying and never give up!

More babies?

Celine had previously revealed in 2008 that she was undergoing IVF using frozen embryos from her first cycle, the one where she got pregnant with Rene-Charles. However, the IVF using those embryos did not work. The star also revealed that she turned to acupuncture as well to help improve her chances of getting pregnant.

Celine did suffer a miscarriage in 2009, before getting pregnant with the twins. Celine is married to her manager, René Angélil, who is 71 years old, but she still hints that she might not be done with having babies just yet. The Canadian beauty said “There’s nothing that can top being a mother.

I’d like more but I don’t know. It’s selfish to keep wanting more – although I would love a girl.” Awww, we would love to see a little mini Celine Dion too!

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