Can You Get Pregnant After Getting Your Tubes Tied?

Can You Get Pregnant After Getting Your Tubes Tied?

What is tubal ligation?

Tubal Ligation (commonly known as “getting your tubes tied”) is a sterilization procedure that is a great option for many women. For women who have decided that they do not want to have children, or for women who already have children but have decided not to have any more, tubal ligation is a great option. A tubal ligation is meant to be a permanent option for birth control, as it is approximately 99.5% effective in protecting against pregnancy. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

How is tubal ligation done?

A tubal ligation is a surgical procedure. In women who already have children, tubal ligations are done usually following a delivery or c-section birth of a child. For women that do not have children, tubal ligations can be done at any time.

During a tubal ligation, a woman’s tubes can be cut, tied, burned, or blocked off via clips, bands, or sometimes rings. The purpose of this is to keep the egg from ever reaching the uterus again. There are several different ways that tubal ligations are done, and your doctor can help you decide which one is the best for you.

Can you get pregnant after tubal ligation?

As we said before, tubal ligations are around 99.5% effective in protecting against future pregnancies. What that means, is that they are not 100% effective in every case. Sometimes tubal ligations fail, and pregnancies can sometimes occur.

How does this happen? Sometimes, the rings, clips, or bands that are blocking the Fallopian tubes can come off. This can allow the egg to travel to the uterus after all. Other times, in cases in which the tubes are cut or burned, the body can actually allow the tubes to grow back together, healing and repairing themselves.

This can cause the egg to be able to travel to the uterus after all. The most common times that a tubal ligation fails is either shortly after the procedure, or very far down the road, usually around ten years after having one done.

If you want to get pregnant

If you have had a tubal ligation and you have decided that you want to get pregnant after all, there are options available to you. There is something known as a tubal ligation reversal, which is, pretty much, the untying of the tubes.

Doctors are more likely to do a tubal ligation reversal if it has been less than ten years since the tubal ligation was done, and if a woman is younger than 40. Doctors also will usually only do tubal ligation reversals if a woman is in good health.

If you would like to talk to your doctor about a tubal ligation reversal, be prepared to undergo a lot of testing to determine if you are a good candidate. Also, sometimes tubal ligations are not able to be reversed, so do not get your hopes up until your doctor tells you for sure.

Other options

If you are not able to have your tubal ligation reversed, don’t worry, there are some other options that might be a possibility for you. There are several different assisted reproduction techniques that can make it possible for women who have had tubal ligations to have babies. For example, you might be able to also use IVF to get pregnant.

This is because IVF does not use the fallopian tubes, and the egg will not have to travel that way, so it is possible to get pregnant using IVF. Other options include using a surrogate, or adoption. Talk with your doctor about all of your options to find out which one is best for you.

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