Can I Get Pregnant with PCOS?

Can I Get Pregnant with PCOS?

Can I still get pregnant?

A lot of Women with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) have one question in common, “Can I get pregnant?” Well if you have been diagnosed with PCOS, you are definitely not alone as it is one of the most leading causes of women being unable to conceive. If it is you or in fact someone you know that does have PCOS, it’s a great step you have taken by reading this, as the more informed you are about the disease, and the options you have, including the fertility options, the better chance you have of getting pregnant. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

What happens when I have PCOS?

When a women has PCOS, on her ovaries little sacs filled with fluid (cysts) will appear, this happens because of a hormonal imbalance in the woman’s body which stop the ovaries from doing what they are intended to, such as producing menstrual cycles that are regular which leads to the production of healthy fertile eggs.

The ovaries may also grow to be 3 sizes bigger than they normally are. Since getting pregnant while having PCOS can be difficult, it is important to know the symptoms because the likelihood that if you experience a couple of them during the same time period, you could possibly suffer from the disease unknowingly.

Symptoms of PCOS

The main symptoms associated with PCOS include the following.

• Unwanted body hair

• High blood pressure

• Oily skin

• Weight gain

• Infertility

• Irregular or Missed Periods

• Irregular or Missed Ovulation

What’s the cause of PCOS?

However, one thing that is difficult to find out is the cause of PCOS, as so far, it is unknown. PCOS can strike women at a very young age, reaching even preteen girls, in fact it’s estimated that 10 to 20% of women are affected worldwide by the disease. There has been research put into it, and there are numerous answers that have been suggested may be the cause, but of course they are not certain. Some studies have shown it could be down to hormones, genetics or the insulin your body produces.

Options to get pregnant with PCOS

There are quite a few options that are available for the woman to use in order to get pregnant, and be able stay pregnant. One of the most popular fertility options is the fertility drugs metformin and clomiphene which stimulate ovulation in the body. The reason for them being so popular is because they are easy to take and quite cheap to buy. Studies have shown clomiphene (or Clomid) is successful at a 70% rate of pregnancy in women with PCOS.

In vitro fertilization

Another method of treatment is IVF (in vitro fertilization) which helps women get pregnant, it happens all outside of the body, where the egg is removed and it will be then fertilized with the man’s sperm. The egg will then be put into the mother’s womb and hopefully it will be successfully fertilized, but this doesn’t always work and it is an expensive procedure.

Bottom line

So it is important to be organised, know how much you can and are willing to spend as these are important factors to consider if you really want to get pregnant. The process of trying to conceive with PCOS can get stressful, so it’s important to be prepared. It is also vital to have a healthy lifestyle, from the foods you eat to the places you go, as these will all contribute to your chances of having a successful pregnancy.

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 Dr. Prabha Sahgal, MD
Dr. Prabha Sahgal MD, is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and subspecialty board certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. Dr. Sahgal holds a B.S. degree from MIT in molecular biology and currently serves on the ConceiveEasy board of directors.