Can I get Pregnant with No Period For a Year?

on Sep 23, 2015

by Alyssia Granger

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Many people mistake ovulation with having a monthly period, but they are actually different.

If you have been trying to become pregnant for a year and have not been successful, you are suggested to talk to a fertility specialist. This is especially the case if you are also not ovulating. Many people mistake ovulation with having a monthly period, but they are actually different. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

A period occurs after the egg dies when it has not been fertilized. The woman will then shed her uterine lining so that is can prepare to be ready for pregnancy the following month. Typically, this process is repeated each month that a woman is not able to conceive.

Ovulation, on the other hand, is the actual process of the releasing of the egg. The egg travels through the fallopian tubes and into the uterus where it waits to be fertilized by the sperm. If it is fertilized, it will then attempt to attach to the uterine lining.

It is possible to be ovulating without having a period. However, you will not know if you are ovulating unless you use either a basal thermometer or an ovulation predictor kit. If you are ovulating without having a period and are still struggling, there is a chance that your uterine lining is not healthy enough for the embryo to attach when the egg does become fertilized.

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Can I get Pregnant with No Period For a Year?, 4.0 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

Alyssia is mom to 2 giggley twin girls, Sophia and Emma, and son Hunter. She's a Southern girl, passionate about photography, travel and her husband Josh.

  • Yudelka Pichardo

    I have seven days getting a positive OPK does that means that Im still fertile. Also I been having a lot of back ache and cramping, mild breast tenderness and I tested for pregnancy and it says negative. How early can the conceive easy test for hog?

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