Can I Get Pregnant Using Withdrawal Method?

Can I Get Pregnant Using Withdrawal Method?

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Withdrawal as birth control

In ancient times, pulling out or the withdrawal method was often used as a birth control of sorts. There were many benefits to relying on this form of birth control. For example, it was free and easy to do. However, studies now show that this will not help to prevent pregnancy from occurring. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

When does pregnancy happen?

Pregnancy occurs when sperm reach the egg and fertilize it. While there are many things that go into this process, such as correct timing and the strength of the sperm, one item that is no longer questioned is the fact that pre-ejaculation fluid has sperm present.

Pregnancy in withdrawal method

Because of this, sperm will still be able to reach the egg and fertilize it even if the man pulls out or uses the withdrawal method. If you are looking to avoid pregnancy, you will find that it is more effective if you use birth control pills or other contraceptive devices instead. Even though this method has been used for centuries as a natural birth control, it is ineffective and should not be used.

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