Can Eating Nuts While Pregnant Cause Allergies?

During pregnancy it is important to watch what you eat because anything that you eat will have a direct effect on your baby. Some people think that if you eat too many nuts while you are pregnant, your child will have allergies. However, this has not been proven. There are chances though. Some studies have shown that exposure to nuts and nut-related products can increase the chances of asthma and nut allergies in the baby. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The odds of this happening are more in babies who have a family history of related allergies. Thus, it is ideal to keep away from nuts through your pregnancy and also when you breastfeed especially if you have a family history of asthma and/or allergies of any kind. You should not take any risks when it comes to allergies.

What happens when you eat too many nuts when you are pregnant?

What happens is, when you eat too many nuts when you are pregnant, the airway development of your fetus is affected. As a result, your baby could develop asthma or allergy in his childhood days. A few researches have been conducted in this field and conclusions find a definite link between maternal consumption of nuts and allergies in the child.

They say that the risks of children having peanut allergies is four times more if pregnant ladies eat nuts more than just once every seven days. However, more studies need to be carried out before affixing a certain diet for pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers.

Family history

As aforementioned, if there is a family history of nut allergies, the risks of allergies in the baby are automatically higher. A research was conducted a few years ago in thousands of preschool children and it was found that peanut allergy and maternal diet had no link.

At the same time it was also found that using skin ointments that have peanut oil as one of the ingredients can increase chances of allergies in the child seven-fold. These statistics are very huge and can’t be ignored. However, different studies are saying different things and thus, trusting any one is not safe.

Until now, the only definitive risk factor is thus a family history. Definitive studies have been carried out to find this out and it has been proved that family history indeed plays a huge role.

Allergies from mother to child

It is a known fact that allergies are usually transferred from the mother to the child. The same goes with asthma. Thus, maybe if the mother consumes too many nuts during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the child is affected.

Hence, instead of taking any risks it’d be safe to stay away from nuts while you are pregnant and through the course of breastfeeding. You really wouldn’t want to inflict allergies on your child now, would you? You should hence take good care of this fact at least until more studies are carried out and a proper answer is found.

Talk to your nutritionist also about the dangers of allergies in your unborn child and determine the safe limit especially if you love nuts and don’t like the idea of parting with them for a year or two.

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