Can cough medicine help get pregnant?

Can cough medicine help get pregnant?

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Lots of women who are trying to become pregnant struggle to do so. Some women struggle because they are not able to produce healthy eggs. Others have issues related to medical conditions that prevent ovulation or keep the embryo from implanting. However, there are also common issues related to the sperm. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Many men suffer from issues related to their sperm. For example, they may not produce enough sperm or it may not move around as it should. One thing that can help with this process is called cervical mucus. This is a natural occurring item that a woman’s body develops.

What is Cervical Mucus?

Over the course of a woman’s cycle, her body will create cervical mucus. This mucus starts out dry, immediately following her period, and will slowly transform into slippery, egg-white-like substance. This type of cervical mucus will help protect sperm and make it easier for it to swim to the egg in order to fertilize it.

Unfortunately, not every woman’s body creates cervical mucus that develops into this type of substance. In fact, some women do not produce cervical mucus at all. While it is not something that is absolutely required for a woman to become pregnant, not having it could make it difficult for her to conceive.

How can Cough Medicine Help?

Many women have been able to receive relief from a lack of cervical mucus when they begin taking cough medicine on a regular basis. The reason this is helpful is because it actually has the power to increase the amount of mucus in the body overall.

Cough medicine was designed to increase the amount of mucus so that it can help prevent coughing. However, cervical mucus is similar to the mucus you will find in other parts of the body. Because of this, cough medicine will also increase cervical mucus when it is taken by women.

How much do I take?

The most important thing to do when you are looking to take cough medicine to increase cervical mucus is to know when you are ovulating. This can be done by tracking your ovulation cycle. When you know the time you expect to ovulate, you should take cough medicine for five days prior to ovulation as well as the day you ovulate.

You can take cough medicine three times a day and take 2 teaspoons each time. For those who are using an ovulation predictor kit, continue this process for a couple of days after you receive a positive reading. Taking cough medicine can definitely help your body create more cervical mucus. While it is not something that can directly cause you to become pregnant, it will help improve your chances.

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