Can Acupuncture Boost IVF Fertility Rates?

Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years and is relied on by many people to reduce aches and pains, relieve stress, and achieve an overall feeling of peace and well being. However, could this ancient natural healing technique hold the secret to successful IVF treatment? Some people think so! There is new research available that says that acupuncture, when combined with traditional fertility medication, can give a boost to IVF fertility rates. Let’s learn more about this exciting news! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine, and is emerging as a popular alternative treatment in Western culture. People are moving away from traditional medicine. Everyone wants a more natural, green, holistic approach to medicine and healing, and they can get that through acupuncture. There have been quite a few studies that have suggested that combining acupuncture with fertility medications such as Clomid can increase pregnancy chances. That is not all, however. There are also studies that show that acupuncture can help jumpstart ovulation, boost chances for successful embryo transfers and more. The studies that have been done show that acupuncture can improve the all around success of IVF treatment as a whole.

What the doctors say

Not all doctors are convinced however. The studies for acupuncture as related to fertility are still in their early stages, and the research that has been conducted has usually only focused on small groups of women. Some doctors remain skeptical that such an ancient and “primitive” sort of treatment could really be helpful in today’s world. There really is not a definitive answer as to “why” acupuncture has been shown to be so helpful in IVF patients. Some experts maintain the theory that when the needles are inserted into the body, it helps the release of important hormones that are related to fertility, ovulation, and pregnancy. But that is just a theory. No one knows for sure why acupuncture seems to help, but some people, even doctors and other experts, swear that it does!

Acupuncture as a fertility treatment

If you are thinking of giving acupuncture a go in addition to your fertility treatments, or just as an alternative option, go for it! There are no negative side effects to having acupuncture treatments done, and if it helps you to boost your fertility naturally, then that is just an added bonus. Even if acupuncture doesn’t affect your fertility, it can improve your health and overall mood in a number of other ways. Everyone knows that anxiety and stress go hand in hand with infertility, and acupuncture can surely be a healthy and safe way to combat those feelings. It is also shown to improve blood flow to the whole body, which can improve your energy and overall mood. The bottom line: some doctors believe it can improve fertility, both other doctors don’t. However, it is a viable alternative treatment option even if it doesn’t help you get pregnant; it can improve your life in other ways!

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