Can a PCOS Diet Help you Get Pregnant?

Can a PCOS Diet Help you Get Pregnant?

Many women consider PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome to be something of a fertility “death sentence”. Once they hear those words, they pretty much give up on being able to get pregnant and have a baby of their own. Because of this fear, there have been tons of diet books and programs marketed to women suffering from PCOS, telling them that following this particular diet will help them to get pregnant. But, is it true? Well, sort of… Read on to find out more. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Eating right and exercising

While there is not a certain “diet” or “diet plan” that will help you get pregnant with PCOS, eating right and exercising can go a long way towards helping you to get pregnant. Losing weight by eating healthy foods and exercising can help restore regular menstrual periods and can also help restore ovulation. Both of these can go a long way towards helping with getting pregnant. While there is not a certain “diet” that is just for PCOS sufferers, some doctors do suggest that a woman try to go on a low glycemic index diet in order to try to help encourage weight loss and in turn, perhaps help a woman to get pregnant.

What is the glycemic index?

If you have never heard of the glycemic index, it is a list of foods arranged in the order in which they affect the insulin levels in the body. Eating foods high on the glycemic index scale can cause bad insulin reactions, resulting in weight gain, and even Type 2 Diabetes. By eating foods from the low end of the scale, women are choosing foods that won’t cause much, if any, of an insulin reaction. Some examples of foods on the low end of the glycemic scale are oats, bran, beans, and many vegetables and raw foods.

Losing weight may aide PCOS

Eating foods low on the glycemic index scale is not a miracle cure for PCOS by any means. Eating these foods will not help you to automatically get pregnant. By exercising and choosing foods that are low on the glycemic index scale, women can help to lose weight. Losing weight might in turn help restore regular menstrual periods or restore ovulation. In turn, those things can help make it easier to get pregnant. It is important that you keep in mind that eating these foods is not a miracle cure for PCOS or infertility. It can only be an aide used to help lose weight and keep PCOS symptoms under control. Diet is not a miracle cure, nor is it guaranteed to help in all cases. Keep that in mind and you will be fine. Eating a healthy diet, exercising and keeping your weight under control are all very important things even if you don’t suffer from PCOS.

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