Can a Deep Cervix Affect Fertility?

Can a Deep Cervix Affect Fertility?

There are so many things that affect fertility that keeping track of them is almost impossible. There are internal problems, there are external factors, there are lifestyle factors, and there are health and diet factors. Each factor plays a significant role when it comes to fertility and every factor can be broken down into a number of things. Internal factors include PCOS, diabetes, blocked fallopian tubes, less cervical fluid, and so on.

External factors include exposure to heavy metal and too much heat. Among lifestyle factors are smoking, alcohol abuse, and drug usage. Coming to health and diet, you have to eat right and be healthy. Your BMI should be ideal and you should include healthy foods in your diet. Because there are so many different factors governing fertility, people are bound to misunderstand some of them. One of the most commonly misunderstood factor is having a deep cervix. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Many people worry about having a deep cervix and how it can affect fertility. Many people come to numerous conclusions in this case and not all these conclusions are right. Here is information about having a deep cervix.

What is a deep cervix?

Cervix is an organ of the female genital system. It is located between the uterus and the vagina. In simple words, it separates these two organs. Its shape may be conical or cylindrical and the top half is viewable using medical equipment. The remaining part of it lies in the uterus. If the doctor has a problem locating it or if it is at a farther distance from the vaginal opening, it is said that you have a deep cervix.

Will it affect my fertility?

In order to conceive, the sperm must travel from the vagina to the cervix. It has to travel quickly in order to skip the acidic environment of the vagina. Once it reaches the cervix it takes the help of the cervical fluid to reach the fallopian tube, where the egg is located. Here fertilization occurs. No evidence suggests that there is a relationship between the position of the cervix and fertility. There have been numerous studies in this area and all have lead to the conclusion that the position of the cervix does not affect fertility.

So a deep cervix won’t affect pregnancy at all?

Actually speaking, the cervix plays a significant role in pregnancy owing to the fact that it releases cervical fluid. This fluid is extremely important in order to get pregnant because it carries the sperm and protects it from the harsh environment that it endures on its way.

The cervical fluid plays enough role to help you track your fertility! This shows that it is very important. You can track the changes in the cervical fluid through your menstrual cycle and find out when you are ovulating or, in other words, when you are most fertile. During ovulation, it is called egg white cervical mucus because of its consistency. It resembles an egg white in appearance as well as consistency.

The bottom line

Thus, having a deep cervix does not affect fertility. If you are facing issues relating to fertility or if you are unable to get pregnant it is advisable that you talk to your doctor and find out the reason.

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Maureen Stephens, BS, RN
Maureen Stephens, BS, RN | ConceiveEasy
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