Brooke Anderson, ET Correspondent, Pregnant?

Brooke Anderson, ET Correspondent, Pregnant?

News of her own

While she’s usually the one asking the questions and revealing celebrity news, now it’s her turn to reveal some news of her own! ET correspondent Brooke Anderson recently announced that she is pregnant with her second child! Brooke and her husband Jim Walker will be welcoming a new baby in the fall. They already have one daughter together, adorable little Kate Victoria. Brooke told Us Weekly: “It’s time to expand the family (along with my waistline)! We are beyond thrilled to welcome another baby in the fall!” Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Joy after loss

Brooke admits that she is a little leery going into this pregnancy, based on the problems she has had with pregnancies in the past. She has suffered two miscarriages in the past that have both been very traumatic for her and her husband. She has a personal blog that she maintains at Brooke Anderson , and she chronicles all of her emotions and feelings there. In one post, she says:

“As many women out there know, miscarriages are tough. I blamed myself,” she wrote in a new post. “What did I do wrong? Why did my body reject this baby? Will I ever have another healthy pregnancy?”

Keeping Positive

Although Brooke will be the first one to admit that she is a bit nervous about possible issues with her pregnancy as she had troubles getting pregnant successfully, she says that she is trying to stay positive about everything. “Because of my history, I am more on edge and constantly praying that everything goes smoothly,” she wrote on her blog.

Little Mommy

Brooke says that her daughter Kate is super excited for the new baby, and is already acting like a mini-mommy!

“Our 4-year old Kate is already acting like a little mommy to me!” Anderson, 35, revealed to Us Weekly. “She asks if I feel OK, whether I’m hungry, and enthusiastically talks to the baby daily! She thinks my belly button is the direct line of communication. It is adorable. She is over the top excited and definitely wants a baby sister,” Anderson shared. “Kate’s [sex] was a delivery room surprise for us, but we are leaning towards finding out this time, if nothing else than to prepare her in case she gets a brother instead!”

We are so excited for this adorable little family to add one more to their bunch, and we will be thinking of Brooke during her pregnancy!

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