Britney Spears Dating Nice Southern Farm Boy

Britney Spears Dating Nice Southern Farm Boy

New Man!

Just call her the comeback queen. It never takes long for Miss Britney Spears to rebound, and this time is no exception. After her very public and surprising breakup from Jason Trawick, Miss Britney has found herself a new boyfriend, and his name is David Lucado.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Brit tweeted a picture of the two of them, looking very cozy at the Cirque De Soleil One Drop Show in Las Vegas. They have also been seen out and about in LA, hanging out together, tanning and picking up lunch, and they really seem to enjoy each other’s company!

Who Is He?

That’s the question on everybody’s mind. A source close to David describes him as a “good old farm boy.” The source also goes on to say that David grew up on a farm in Virginia, later moved to Atlanta and he is into restoring old cars.

He moved to LA to be with a girl, and that relationship just didn’t work out. Rumor has it that Britney’s sons have already been introduced to David, so she must really like him! Other than that, we really don’t know much about him, which is a change from Britney’s high profile boyfriends of the past!

A Regular Guy

David and Britney went public with their relationship, on Valentine’s Day, just about a month after she called off her engagement to Jason Trawick. Britney has been showing that she would like a bit more of the private life recently.

She quit the X Factor after only one season, and rumor has it that she is headed to Vegas to take up a residency gig there. In her recent paparazzi photos, it is clear that her emphasis is more on privacy and comfort and that she doesn’t really wish to return to the pop star status of her youth. Her priorities have changed now, and maybe a “regular guy” is just what she needs.

Happier Than Ever

We are happy to see Britney so happy, and sources close to her say that she is “happier than ever.” We have seen her smiling in many paparazzi shots with David, and Brit is a girl who rarely smiles for the paps. We think that a regular, down to earth guy might be just what Britney needs in her life. It is nice to see her relaxed, smiling and happy!

Another good thing? David is not in “the business”, he currently holds a job as a field researcher at a legal firm, and previously worked as a bartender and as an insurance agent. He doesn’t dress flashy, drive fancy cars, or live a lavish lifestyle! We are liking the looks of him! It seems like Brit may have finally found her Prince Charming!

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