British Mom Gives Birth to a 15-pound Baby, Naturally

British Mom Gives Birth to a 15-pound Baby, Naturally

A Big Miracle

In what news stations all across the world are describing as a “big miracle,” a woman in the UK has given birth to Britain’s second biggest baby in history. Jade King welcomed her little baby boy George recently, who weighed in at a whopping FIFTEEN pounds, seven ounces! After a grueling sixteen hours of labor, Jade and baby George are doing well now, but things were pretty scary for awhile! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

A Scary Time

Things wouldn’t be THAT crazy about baby George being so big… except for the fact that his mommy delivered him VAGINALLY! Yes, moms, let’s say it together: OUCH! Things during Jade’s labor was proceeding as normal, and no one had any idea how big baby George actually was until well into mom’s labor. Once George’s head was out, his shoulders became stuck, and that is how everyone quickly figured out that this was not your typical labor.

During that time frame when George’s head was stuck, he went a full five minutes without oxygen, and doctors were very concerned about what was going to happen with him. Jade says that there were more than twenty doctors in the room during her delivery, and that the doctors gave George only a ten percent chance of survival.

Going Home

Little (or big!) George spent four and a half weeks in the hospital, and he is now at home. He has only gained one pound in the six weeks since he was born, and his mom says he came home from the hospital wearing six month clothes.

Doctors don’t know how his time without oxygen will affect George in the future or if his size will have a negative affect on him in the future. His mom hopes that he is just going to be a little behind other babies his age, and that he might just need a little extra help with his learning.


No one really understands why doctors didn’t know how big George was going to be, since it is commonplace here in the USA to get a weight estimate of your baby every time you go to the doctor. Why wasn’t George’s mom recommended for a c-section before his birth?

Wasn’t his large size predicted by prenatal fundal height measurements or ultrasounds? Poor Jade, she says that this whole experience with George has deterred her from wanting to have more children in the future. And we say, we don’t blame you sister!

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