Brand New Fertility App to Test Saliva for Ovulation

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For women that want to get pregnant, they have been told to chart their cycles by using body basal thermometers to check their temperatures each morning and to put on graph paper what their temperature was each morning. And, by doing that, they had to look over the graphs that had their temperature recorded for a few months to find out when they ovulate by noticing when the spike in temperature had happened. But there is a new way with a brand new saliva fertility app.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Checking Cervical Mucus for Ovulation

Additionally, they were also told to check for the consistency of cervical mucus which also indicated when they were fertile, as well as using ovulation prediction kits that measured the LH hormone in urine. And, an LH surge was the indication that ovulation was quickly on the way which meant that intercourse had to happen right at that time to maximize the chances of pregnancy.

And, many women would probably have found some of those tracking tips inconvenient and not always so helpful. For instance, in order for the woman to get an accurate temperature to jot down meant that right after she woke up, she would have had to take the thermometer without moving too much or else that would cause the temperature to be inaccurate.

Different types of cervical mucus

The same issues go for checking cervical mucus. Even though it is a tell-tale sign that an abundance of cervical mucus that has a consistency of egg whites means that the woman is fertile, there are some other factors that can come into play that can change the consistency of mucus. An example of that are infections that are present can change how the mucus appears.

Checking OPKs for Ovulation

There are also many inconveniences tied into using ovulation kits to measure the LH surge as they can be expensive if you end up having to buy many. And, they only come with a certain number of strips to use. If the timing is very off when using them, then it will have been wasted for that month.

New Saliva Fertility App

This is why there is promising new technology that will make tracking female fertility effortless and accurate. And, this is the smartphone saliva test that will indicate through saliva when the ovulation time is near. The Brigham and Women’s Hospital which is associated with Harvard has the scientists working from those institutions developing this new exciting feature.

And, the other reason this way to track fertility is also cheap whereas ovulation kits are not, and with this new feature, it can be used over and over again. The results are also very clear which will show right up on the smartphone.

New Technology Uses Saliva

Additionally, it is very easy to use and it only involved the woman smearing a small amount of saliva on the glass slide, and if she is at a fertile time in her cycle, the saliva will dry up, and crystallize. It then forms an appearance of fern leaves which is why it is referred to as salivary ferning due to its unique structure. However, the issue with this comes in when someone who has no idea what to look for with this process, then it could be interpreted the wrong way.

But the good news is, that will not be a problem since the app is designed to make it clear since the slide is inside of a 3D-printed  device that is optical and it is then turned onto the camera on the smartphone. This way, the app will be able to determine if ferning is actually occurring and will send the message to the user whether it is or it is not.

This app has already been tested among several women and the accuracy rate is very high as it was found that the detection of ovulation was 99% accurate, and it was completely accurate for detecting that ovulation was not on its way. However, it is also important for anyone to know that this app does not detect fertility issues in women.

For instance, this app will not be able to tell you if you have ovarian cysts, hormonal imbalances, and it cannot help those that are taking fertility medication other than ovulating through the help of Clomid.

Not Available to Public at Large

However, because this technology is still very green, it is not yet to become released to the general public and become available on iOS or Android. More and more testing has to be done before that time, and there is a lot more work to be done to make sure it is 100% accurate for ovulation and non-ovulation.

Not Available to Public

However, because of technology advancing so much and so quickly, there is no doubt that other apps will be able to detect issues with fertility for men and for women. This way, eventually, healthy young couples who are told to keep attempting to achieve a pregnancy for a year before looking into fertility help would no longer have to wait that long to do that if an app were to detect that there is indeed a problem with either the man or the woman.

Any type of app that could detect infertility would save many couples that are facing the struggle a lot of time because they would be helped a lot earlier on.

Not to mention, the fact that technology, in general, is always advancing also includes anything medical as well. This means that eventually, IVF procedures might be less expensive and a lot more tolerable, but unfortunately, we are still a long way off from getting to that point.

Fertility Medicine Advances

There is a reason to be optimistic that fertility medicine will become even more advanced and easier to handle because of the fact that technology is always rapidly growing. And, the sign of this right here is that this app is in the making to detect ovulation through analyzing saliva samples. This alone will likely replace ovulation kits that don’t provide many strips so you have had to use some guesswork to use it and that gets expensive if the timing is wrong.

This app will also remove the struggle when it comes to taking the body basal temperature since you are unable to move before taking it, and there also won’t be a need to check for cervical mucus either. However, because we are still in the testing phase for this app, replacing these other ways to check for fertility not be happening quite yet. But because time flies by fast, it will be here before you know it.

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