How to Tell if You are Having a Boy or Girl

How to Tell if You are Having a Boy or Girl

Many young couples all over the world are wanting to start families. Some are even going through drastic measures to ensure they will be blessed with a beautiful baby boy or girl. It is very easy to get pregnant if the female is in good health and doesn’t drink or smoke. And there are particular times such as ovulation when the couple needs to have a lot of sex to ensure that fertilization will happen. Once this happens, the couple is in the clear and they will be on to a very interesting 9 months. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Though once the baby has arrived, they will be the happiest on the planet. Many couples want to know if they are having a boy or a girl, though it’s easy for an ultrasound technician to tell you. Plus, sometimes the ultrasound technicians may be wrong, as the image can be blurry or not as clear.

The baby will probably be moving around and that may possibly mess up the technician’s reading. So there are also ways that you can figure out these things for yourself as well (although they may be old wives’ tales, they are nevertheless fun to puzzle out).

How do you carry your bump?

There have been many people who have simply said if you want to know if you are a having a boy or a girl then just look down. If your baby bump is particularly high, then more than likely it will be a beautiful baby girl. If you are carrying low, it is probably a beautiful baby boy. It may work and it’s an interesting way to get your whole family involved on your journey as well.

What is baby’s heartbeat?

Another possible way you can tell the sex of the baby is by the heartbeat as well. Many people have said the next time you are going for an OBGYN checkup then you should ask how fast the babies heartbeat is. A heartbeat of 140 beats or higher more than likely indicates a baby girl, where lower indicates a baby boy.

That’s also a very interesting way to tell the gender of the baby. By doing so, it will also bring a new dynamic to this whole pregnancy as you speculate whether the number of heartbeats could really prove true as a way to predict!

What are you craving?

There are also some people who go by what the woman is craving throughout the whole pregnancy. If she is wanting sour or salty foods and treats, then it’s more than likely a boy. Chips, pretzels, and pickles could indicate lots of blue in your future. Whereas cravings for sweets and candies might indicate a baby girl. Cookies, ice cream, chocolate… Could be a girl.

What year did you conceive?

And another interesting indication of the baby’s possible gender actually has numbers involved. If the year of conception and the mother’s age at the conception are both even numbers then it will ensure you that the baby will be a girl. Though if one number is even and the other number is odd, it will be a boy. This has been a practiced way of telling genders by the Mayans for many years.

Other than these, there are other very interesting ways to tell the gender of your baby as well. You can even make it into a game with members of your family and your friends as well. Most of the times these old wives tales do have meaning and truth behind them.

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