Bow Wow Ordered to Pay French Adult Film Star 80k

Bow Wow Ordered to Pay French Adult Film Star 80k

Stolen Stripper

Can’t people hire their own strippers these days? That’s the question we’re left with after hearing that rapper Bow Wow has been ordered to pay $80,000 to a French adult film star. Celine Tran filed a lawsuit claiming that the rapper used her striptease footage without her permission.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The footage of Celine, which originally appeared in a music video for a French band called Electronic Conspiracy, showed up in Bow Wow’s video for “Drank In My Cup.” Celine says that she was never asked about using the footage, and that she definitely didn’t give her consent. She filed a lawsuit against the rapper, asking for compensation, and also demanding that her image stop being used right away.

Not My Song, Not My Fault

When it came time for the hearing, Bow Wow didn’t even bother to reply to the lawsuit, so the federal judge decided that he would have to pay back close to $80,000 in damages to Ms. Tran, and that the use of her footage be halted immediately. While Bow Wow didn’t respond to the suit, he did take the time to send out some nasty tweets and Facebook status updates about Ms. Tran, saying that he wasn’t going to pay up! The post in question says:

“Yo, that dumb ass porn star chick or whoever she is ain’t gettin a dime from us! We ain’t make no video. That video was mashed up by somebody on YouTube and i reposted cuz it was dope. People mash up artist videos all the time online. Everybody lookin for a hustle. Then they tryna say drink in my cup is my song. That ain’t my song u dumb braud. Get a life. I don’t play dem games. Niggas work too hard to give away free money.”

How Will It End?

Ummm.. perhaps instead of ignoring the lawsuit, Bow Wow should have thought about telling the judge it wasn’t his song… just a thought.. So, will Bow Wow pay up? Will he appeal? Will he just ignore the whole thing all together? Experts say that since he didn’t respond to the initial lawsuit, Bow Wow will have to hire a lawyer and file an appeal to get out of this one. Apparently the time for getting out of it easily has already passed! We are not sure how things are going to play out between the “106 and Park” host and the French Porn Star, but we are pretty sure that the drama is far from over in this case!

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