Boost Your Fertility Naturally: Top 5 Tips That Work

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When it comes to boosting fertility, many couples are looking for natural ways to boost their chances of getting pregnant. Whether it be for financial reasons, or couples just wanting to go the natural and holistic route towards getting pregnant, many couples are opting to try to get pregnant on their own before seeking help from a fertility doctor or specialist. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The good news is that there are a ton of things that couples can do to boost their fertility naturally, and really improve their chances of conceiving without having to seek medical help, and that is what we are going to cover today!

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Boosting Fertility with Fertility Tracking

One of the best things and also the most basic things that a woman can do to give her overall chances of conceiving a boost is to start tracking her fertility and figuring out when her ovulation days will be coming around.

When most women start to try to conceive, they don’t even know what ovulation is much less how to track it.

This one simple thing is considered to be a key part of fertility and probably the single biggest factor that exists when it comes to getting pregnant. What many people do not understand is that women can only get pregnant at a certain time of the month, near ovulation.

The slight window of opportunity to getting pregnant

Did you know women can only get pregnant during ovulation, which occurs in a 24-48 period per month?

Ovulation is when the egg is released and travels down the fallopian tube to wait for the sperm to come and fertilize it. While this might all sound easy and perfect, the truth of the matter is that there is only a short period of time that the egg lives and is capable of being fertilized.

This is because, about 24 hours after being released, the egg is done with its life cycle, and actually begins to die. This doesn’t give much of a time frame for a woman to get pregnant, at all.

This is why it is of the utmost importance to KNOW without a doubt when those fertile days are and when ovulation is actually occurring. Doing this one small thing is going to really make a difference for women when it comes to getting pregnant because it means that they are narrowing down that fertile window and making it much easier to know when they can get pregnant.

When it comes to ways that women can track their ovulation and fertility, there are several different ways out there.

First of all, ovulation predictor kits and ovulation test strips are a great starting point for women who are searching for their fertile days. These tests are similar to home pregnancy tests, and use a woman’s urine to determine if she is near her LH surge, which actually can indicate whether or not ovulation is near.

There are other ways to track ovulation as well, including paying attention to bodily signs, such as tracking cervical mucus and cervical position.

Women can also use a basal body thermometer to track their daily temperature and watch for a monthly spike, which can indicate that ovulation is very close by.

BBT thermometer to track ovulation

There are also several different things that women can do to keep track of their ovulation, such as using smartphone apps to pay attention to signs and signals that can indicate when ovulation should be coming around.

TIP #1: Whatever method a woman chooses, she should be sure to make sure that she is doing something to track her ovulation and figure out when her fertile days are.  

Boosting Fertility with Prenatal Vitamin

Another great way to give fertility a boost is by eating a healthy and well balanced diet. Most of us don’t get the proper nutrition that we need for our everyday life, and our levels of vitamins and minerals are not what they should be.

This is where a daily multivitamin or a prenatal vitamin can come into play and can make things much better for fertility. A prenatal vitamin is also a very good idea, since it contains higher levels of folic acid, which are imperative for women who are trying to conceive.

Folic acid can help to protect babies against neural tube defects and other birth problems which occur in the very early stages of pregnancy.

By taking a prenatal vitamin before she gets pregnant, a woman will already be protected from these defects. Since they occur so early on in a pregnancy, most women don’t even know that they are pregnant when it’s too late. By taking a prenatal vitamin when trying to conceive, these things can be prevented.

Prenatal vitamins can also help to bridge the nutritional gaps that we all have in our diets due to not eating properly. They can really go a long way towards improving fertility and overall health and balance in the body as a whole.

TIP #2: Begin taking a prenatal vitamin long before you’re pregnant. Help with conception!

Boosting Fertility with Managing Weight

For women who have struggles with their weight, it’s important to keep in mind that weight actually can have a huge effect on fertility. Women who are overweight can struggle from a ton of different health problems, from high blood pressure to diabetes, to even fertility struggles.

managing weight to boost fertility

The truth is, when a woman is overweight, her whole entire body metabolism is affected, and it can have a dramatic impact on ovulation and other fertility related issues.

It is so difficult for women who are overweight to get pregnant sometimes, because ovulation processes can be affected by weight.

Women who suffer from PCOS especially can be affected by weight. One of the biggest symptoms associated with PCOS is excessive body weight and weight gain, and it can be really hard for these women to lose weight when suffering from this condition.

Since PCOS can really affect insulin levels, hormone levels are also affected in the body. This can lead to hormonal difficulties and problems with ovulation in some women.

There are actually many different ways that weight can negatively impact fertility, and sometimes these issues are overlooked in the mainstream.

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The good news when it comes to weight is that a little bit of weight loss can go a long way.

For women who are overweight, experts say losing as little as five to ten pounds can really be enough to “reset” a woman’s metabolism and resume her ovulation cycles.

As you can see, this is great news, because it indicates that even if a woman is overweight and struggling with fertility related problems caused by weight, that doesn’t mean that it is impossible for her to get pregnant, and it doesn’t mean that the problems and issues can’t be reversed.

It is very motivating to hear that even if a woman has fertility issues stemming from being overweight, these problems can be reversed and can be fixed easily, in most cases.

TIP #3: Losing as few as 5-10 lbs if you are overweight can be enough to reset your metabolism and help you restore proper ovulation.

Boosting Fertility with Herbal Supplements

Another really great way to boost fertility is through the use of herbal supplements and herbal remedies. Many women already know that herbal fertility medicine have been used for hundreds and hundreds of years to help women get their fertility issues under control and also help their bodies become healthier overall.

Fertility herbal supplements and herbal remedies are a great way for women to give their fertility a natural boost without the use of medications. All fertility herbs are completely natural and safe, and women can use them and always know exactly what they are putting inside their bodies.

There are, as we mentioned before, probably hundreds of different fertility herbs out there that can be used. It can be very overwhelming and a little bit confusing as to which herbal remedies are helpful for which problems, and which ones should be taken in which dosage, etc.

One great way to avoid these problems is for women to use what is known as a fertility blend.

Fertility blends are a supplement or vitamin-type capsule that contains many different types of fertility herbs. These fertility herbs will already be measured out and combined together in capsule form. This takes so much of the guesswork out of using fertility herbs, and it makes it much easier to be able to use these.

Some fertility herbal supplements, such as ConceiveEasy, even come with a full “Trying to Conceive” kit, to help women who are just getting started.

FertiBella ConceiveEasy TTC Kit

That way, you also get all the tools you need to help the fertility tracking of conception: ovulation tests, basal body thermometer, BBT chart, and more!

These are a great option for women who are interested in trying natural fertility herbs to boost their chances of conceiving, but are unsure of where and how to start the process.

TIP #4: Try a fertility blend like ConceiveEasy to help boost your natural fertility with its combination of fertility herbs and vitamins.

Boosting Fertility with Alternative Medicine

Fertility can also get a boost through the use of alternative medicine and alternative therapy practices. These are all natural, holistic ways for couples to get a much needed fertility boost.

However, when using holistic or alternative medicinal practices, couples should be sure to do their research on the subject and make sure that they are using a practitioner who is experienced in these subjects. This can really make a difference in seeing results and not seeing results when using these sorts of treatment methods.

One really popular alternative medicine practice is fertility massage.

Fertility massage is gaining traction as an effective practice to give fertility a boost naturally. A well trained fertility massage practitioner can devise and institute a treatment plan to help women regain their fertility by offering focused massage sessions based around the reproductive system and the body as a whole.

Many women really believe that fertility massage has been the key to their pregnancy success, and the method is gaining a lot of popularity as more and more couples try to get pregnant naturally.

Similarly, acupuncture is another alternative medicine practice that has proven to be effective for many women who are wanting to boost their fertility.

There is a whole practice dedicated to fertility acupuncture, and it is gaining traction as one of the best and healthiest ways for women to boost their fertility without the use of medications or invasive medical treatments.

Also, meditation is also an alternative medicine technique that many women opt for in order to increase their fertility.

Any form of relieving stress is actually believed to be very beneficial to the increase of fertility, so women should also keep that in mind while they look for natural fertility boosting techniques. Talking with a friend, family member, or counselor can really go a long way towards mental clarity and stress relief, as can exercise and getting plenty of sleep.

TIP #5: Try alternative methods like fertility massage, acupuncture, and meditation  to help boost fertility.

fertility massage to help boost chances of pregnancy

In Conclusion

As you can see, boosting fertility doesn’t always have to mean long trips to specialists and invasive, expensive fertility treatments. There are actually many really powerful and beneficial things that women can do in order to boost their fertility naturally and without the use of medications.

Women should focus on living the healthiest life possible and cutting out all “bad” things, whether it be dietary choices, bad habits like drinking alcohol or smoking, or just allowing too much stress to invade their everyday lives.

The focus should be on creating and maintaining a good and healthy foundation to get pregnant and grow a healthy baby, and anything that is not conducive to that goal should not have a place in a woman’s life when she is trying to conceive.

All of this being said, there are times when a couple will have a fertility issue or a problem getting pregnant that cannot be handled by natural remedies alone.

There are times when a couple should seek help and advice from a respected fertility doctor. Experts agree that for women under age 35, the rule of thumb should be to try to get pregnant for one full year, and then to see a fertility doctor if there is no success.

For women over age 35, experts say that six months should be the length of time that couples try to get pregnant on their own before seeking help.

Some couples simply have complicated medical issues or other problems that must be handled by a doctor, and no amount of natural remedies can fix that. However, this is not the norm, and many couples are able to conceive naturally and easily just by making a few small lifestyle changes.

Keep these things in mind while trying to conceive for the best possible chance of success.

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Dr. Renee Hanton, MD
Dr. Renee Hanton, MD | ConceiveEasy
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