Boobie Gibson Confirms Problems With Wife Keyshia Cole

Boobie Gibson Confirms Marital Issues With Keyshia Cole On Twitter

Curse Of The Show?

Is it the reality show relationship curse? It seems like almost every single couple who has their own reality show together (Nick and Jessica? Jon and Kate? Kim K and Kris Humphries?) ends badly. But it looks like now, Boobie Gibson and Keyshia Cole, of BET’s reality series “Keyshia and Daniel: Family First”, might be on the rocks. The two married in 2011, and their reality tv show has documented both their marital bliss and marital problems. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Keyshia’s Tweets

Keyshia was the first one to get the “trouble in paradise” rumors started. She began tweeting a few cryptic tweets that many saw as a sign of marital problems. She recently tweeted, “A hoe is a sneaky n***** dream,” followed by an image that read, “Show a girl you don’t care and she’ll chase you; show a woman you don’t care and she’ll replace you.” Hmm.. what could she possibly mean by that? The rumor mill was definitely going now! What could be going on with these two that would cause Keyshia to send out a tweet like that?

Boobie’s Response

However, Boobie Gibson didn’t let it stop there. He retaliated on his own Twitter account, sending out yet another weird tweet that got everyone talking. His tweet read: “Seems like there is only heartbreak & tragedy in this world. Lord.. I suffered through the years.. & Shed so many Tears. Trust nobody.”

Hmm.. these two surely do know how to get people talking, don’t they? There was definitely some subliminal messaging going on here, although we don’t know exactly what it was or what it was all about…

No Trouble After All

However the couple must not have really liked all of the attention that their cryptic tweets got them, because on Valentine’s day, they set the record straight, with Boobie posting some photos of wife Keyshia giving him what looks to be a sexy lapdance, and the two of them did look very happy.

He also fired off this tweet, hoping to set the rumors straight: “I just amazes me how in a world already filled with so much tragedy & hardship. Ppl still would Luv 2 see us fail instead of show #Luv. Well wont happen here.. @KeyshiaCole is my heart & what we have is from the soul. Can’t nothin Break that. Happy VDay”.

Looks like there is no trouble in paradise after all, but we will still be watching these two for more of those weird tweets that look like they are meant to send a message. Hopefully there is no breaking up in the future for their adorable family!

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