Birth Lines on a Pregnant Woman’s Stomach

Birth Lines on a Pregnant Woman's Stomach

What are these lines?

If you are pregnant, or know a pregnant woman, chances are you have at least heard of Linea Nigra. You might not have heard the word before, but chances are you are familiar with it nonetheless. Linea Nigra is the Latin word that means “dark line”, and that is exactly what the Linea Nigrais, the dark vertical line that some women get on their stomach during pregnancyClaim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Most women have the dark line on their stomach, and it usually runs from the belly button down to the pubic bone. However, on some women, the dark line might extend as far up as the rib cage. It is very common, and it is also nothing to be concerned about.

Who gets Linea Nigra?

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell which women will get to experience the dark line on the stomach during pregnancy. It seems to be the luck of the draw! The Linea Nigra is really just a line that you already had on your stomach prior to getting pregnant.

However, once you begin your second trimester of pregnancy, your body begins to kick hormone production into high gear. Your body begins to produce more melanin. With this increased production of melanin, the Linea Nigra turns darker.

You might also notice brown spots on your face, or that your areolas are getting darker too. You can blame melanin for that as well! If you have darker skin, you might also notice that your Linea Nigra is darker than other women.

Can you make Linea Nigra go away?

Unfortunately, if you are pregnant and have been visited by the “curse” of Linea Nigra, you are stuck with it! That is, until you deliver. The good news is that Linea Nigra fades away quickly on it’s own soon after you give birth! However, you can minimize the appearance of Linea Nigra while you are pregnant.

Stay out of the sun, and use sunscreen if your belly will be exposed to the sun at all. The melanin from the sun can make the line even darker. Other than minimizing the chance of making the Linea Nigra get even darker, there really isn’t much you can do about it.

It is a natural part of pregnancy, and although you might not like the way it looks, it is nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. Ask your doctor if you have any additional questions or concerns about Linea Nigra.

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