Birth Defect Risk by Maternal Age

Birth Defect Risk by Maternal Age

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It is becoming more common for women to wait until they are over the age of 35 to become pregnant. In previous generations, women begun child-bearing in their 20’s as a common practice. If you look toward astrology and getting pregnant, your sun sign can suggest when each sign is best suited to get pregnant. Only a couple fall into the mid-30 range. But in modern times, many women are now waiting. Many of these women are able to conceive without any issue after this age, but there are some concerns that should be considered when deciding to have a baby after this age. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

For example, women who are over the age of 35 have a greater chance of pregnancy problems like gestational diabetes, still births, high blood pressure and preterm babies. They are also more likely to deliver a baby with genetic birth defects and congenital birth defects.

One of the reasons that birth defects are more common after a certain point if because of the health of the woman’s eggs. Over time, the health of our eggs decline due to things like poor diet, alcohol consumption, and the lack of minerals and vitamins. This is one reason that taking care of ourselves is so important if we plan to have kids.

It is suggested that in order to lower your chances of delivering a baby with birth defects you should consume a diet that his high in antioxidants. This will help make your eggs healthy so that you are able to produce a healthy embryo.

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