Beyonce’s HBO Documentary “Life Is But A Dream”

Beyonce Explains Motive Behind New HBO Documentary “Life Is But A Dream”

About Her Again This Year?

Well, she’s been everywhere this year, and it’s only March. Yes, of course, we are talking about Beyonce. From her Super Bowl Halftime performance that rocked the world (and quite possibly blew the lights!), to her interview with Oprah, to her new HBO documentary “Life Is But A Dream,” 2013 has been the year of Queen Bey. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

But, what exactly is the reason behind all of this spotlight craving? Does Bey just want us to be talking about her again? Does she have a new tour coming up? A new album? What’s the reason that she is putting herself so prominently in the spotlight this year, when she has previously been so guarded and private?

Motivation to Open Up

Beyonce herself explains the motivation behind finally being able to open up. She says that after sixteen years being a professional singer, she felt like her fans or other people didn’t really know anything about her after all. That, she goes on, was all by her own choice of course, but she felt that it was time to really begin to open up.

She says that before Blue Ivy came along, she felt like she had a story to tell, but that it wasn’t time yet. Now that she has been through a miscarriage and the birth of her first baby, she felt like perhaps now was the time to open up more to fans and tell her story.

She says that she has been through a lot in her life and that she felt like it was finally time to open up to the world, and especially her fans, and show them a little more of herself. She also says that she wanted Blue Ivy to be able to have the movie to look back on when she is older, to watch over and over again, and to be able to see her life story of how she came to be, and about how things happened in her life.

All About The Spotlight?

We aren’t sure if this is Beyonce’s real motivation behind the documentary, or if she was just starting to feel like she was slipping, and needed to get back in the spotlight. Was this her push to feel relevant again, and to get people talking about her once again? Was this all a stunt to sell her new album?

Selling More Albums?

We know her album she released last year didn’t do so well, and didn’t produce any top ten hits at all. Her album that she is releasing this year, her fifth solo album, surely has the pressure on it to be great. Maybe she wanted to show some more pics of her pregnant belly and Blue Ivy to shut up all those haters who say that she didn’t really give birth to baby Blue after all? Who knows? All we have for now is what Bey is telling us, that she felt it was time to “tell her story”, and that is all we know. True or not, it is interesting to watch Beyonce finally come out of the shadows.

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Alyssia Granger
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